Coaches Korner

Coaches Korner by Andy Lehner


As we begin another season our program is re-introducing the stroke technique exercises which the swimmers practiced in the fall and winter. Swimmers use the stroke drills to enhance their feel for the water and work on decreasing their stroke count per lap of the pool. The athletes are beginning the long struggle to regain the form which they were in a month ago. So we start slowly and gradually add more volume and intensity as the journey of the long course season starts.


During the months of April and May the swimmers will compete in long course swim meets. There are many factors which will affect their performance at these competitions which include outdoor or indoor facility, temperature of the air and water, fitness of the athlete, and finally long course practices. Since we do not have a long course pool to train in it will be very difficult for the swimmers to pace themselves and to overcome the trepidation of competing in a 50 meter pool. There is a mental psyche as well as physiological differences in competing long course. The swimmers and parents should compare the 2010 long course times to the 2009 long course times the swimmers swim to measure success in the first couple of swim meets. I am confident as the summer progresses our swimmers will improve and swim fast by the end of the season.


The Red, Black, and some selected 12 and under swimmers will be invited to practice in a long course pool in Germantown . To maximize success in the long course season one must incorporate more volume and intensity into the training level for the athletes who swim on the Senior Team. Swimmers will have to swim races where there are less turns and it will take longer to swim the races because they are in meters versus yards. The summer season is very brief so swimmers should plan on not missing any practices. The most critical months for the swimmers are May and June. In May and June we strive to get a background of training accomplished that the athlete can draw upon for the rest of the season.