Splash 2.0 now SplashForward UPDATE
  • Awareness and support continues with the City of Bellevue Councilmembers. Janice Zahn and Jared Nieuwenhuis are the new councilmembers that we have met with to introduce our advocacy. John Chelminiak has shifted from Deputy Mayor to Mayor and welcomes continued exploration of an aquatics center in Bellevue.
  • Engagement focus is targeted towards the Bellevue School District to obtain their support. This occurs through the School Board for which SplashForward is requesting to present in early February. We are seeking spokespeople on behalf of the swim/dive and waterpolo teams to present to the board the inequities and challenges of the current facilities (or lack thereof). 
  • Mark your calendars for Monday, March 12th to attend the City of Bellevue Council Meeting. This will be the aquatics presentation to the Council and our aquatics community has the opportunity to speak with Council. Having a large presence at this meeting will be incredibly powerful. Please plan on attending. 
Please share this information as you see fit. We appreciate any feedback and support to keep this project moving forward. We will continue to keep you posted.