SplashForward - March 12 Bellevue Council Meeting 6PM

Dear Aquatic Supporters,

Please mark your calendars and share with your fellow water enthusiasts, your teams, therapists, friends and ALL,  that on Monday, March 12th at 6:00pm, there will be a Bellevue Council Meeting at Bellevue City Hall to discuss the Current State of Affairs for Aquatics on the Eastside. Patrick Foran, Director of Parks and Community Services, will be presenting to the Council.  SplashFoward aims to fill the room with our community of supporters wearing any and all shades of blue. Please arrive before 6pm if possible. We will be gathering as a group in the hallway before we enter en masse.

Additionally, we have lined up the maximum allowed speakers (3/3 min) to represent the serious demand and need of a new aquatics center for all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Council wants to hear from the water polo players, divers, masters swimmers, special needs, therapists, learn to swim, recreational users, etc.   If you would like to add your voice as a future spokesperson, there will be more opportunities. Please let me know if you have or know of someone with interest.

January and February have been positively active for this aquatics project:

  1. Bellevue School District (BSD) sent the City of Bellevue a Letter of Interest in support of a new aquatics center in Bellevue
  2. BSD met with the Bellevue City Council Members to discuss several topics; one being a new aquatics center where both groups expressed interest to continue to evaluate
  3.  Several high school swimmers, a parent, and a long distance swimmer spoke at a BSD Board Meeting bringing awareness to inadequacies and the challenges swimmers/divers/polo players from the BSD have to endure due to the lack of adequate indoor facilities.
  4. Bellevue Special Needs PTA endorsed SplashForward
  5. Pacific Northwest Association of Masters Swimmers endorsed SplashForward
  6. Bellevue Reporter published an article addressing the needs for a new aquatics center 
  7. Overlake Hospital expressed desired partnership with a new aquatics center for programming needs
  8. SplashForward went live on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Please share this information as you see fit. We appreciate any feedback and support to keep this project moving forward. We will continue to keep you posted.
Thank you for your continued support.

Sarah Webster

On behalf of SplashForward