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High Performance 2018 Summer Training Trip

The Santa Clara Swim Club High Performance group is currently on a joint training trip with the AquaJets from Minnesota. High Performance swimmers will share some of their experiences through this blog:

June 14, 2018- Swimmers of the Day- Allen, Sophia, Nicole, and Cathy

Sophia: Monterey: more like Monte-SLAY, because that’s what the SantaJets have been doing all this week! Our fourth day on this training trip was filled with a lot of laughter. We started the day with a very tough 400 freestyle set, where we pushed our minds and bodies to the absolute maximum. We filled our teammate’s emotional tanks and we definitely bonded through each repeat. However, my personal favorite memory from the day was eating dinner at Crabby Joe’s on the wharf and talking with the Aquajets and conversing about something native Californian’s, like myself, never really get to see in it’s truest form: Snow! This has been one of the best training trips I have ever been on, and I am so lucky to be apart of an amazing team with wonderful teammates, coaches and new memories. Go SCSC!

Steffi: Today’s practice was hard, but with the encouragement from the people around me it was a great experience. After our second practice, we went to dinner at the Old Fisherman’s Wharf and walked around looking in shops. We had a meeting after dinner, and we had good conversations and learned a lot from the entire group.

Timothy: The fourth day of our SantaJets training trip in Monterrey was fulfilling and full of cherished memories. It started with a mentally and physically challenging morning workout, but all of us were able to get through it because of our team sprit and positive attitudes. Later in the day (and also the highlight of the day), all the High-Performance guys accompanied by Coach Steven spent time at the Dennis the Menace Playground. There, we played on the slides, skate park, and spin wheels. The playground made all of us, as Coach Steven pointed out, "wish [we] were ten again". After, we enjoyed a unique and fun swim circuit workout that was followed by a SantaJet dinner at Fisherman's Wharf. I am so thankful to be a part of such an inspiring training trip full of wonderful people. Go SCSC!

Jessica: Today the most memorable part was at dinner, when we went to Crabby Jim's and bonded with the Aquajets. Afterwards, we walked around the warf and took pictures. Throughout this trip, it was amazing to see how close we got to the Aquajets and I will definitely remember these moments!!!

Dylan: All the Santa Clara guys went to Dennis the Menace park between our morning and afternoon practices, and had a lot of fun messing around. Even though I was dead from morning practice, going to the park lightened the mood and helped us to wake up a bit for the afternoon. It was overall a lot of fun, especially watching Allen run in circles and watching Gavin ride his scooter in the skate park.

 Nicole: We started off the day with a challenging set involving fast 400s, and we helped each other get better by pushing each other on every repeat and providing encouragement. Later, we had dinner with the Aquajets. We explored the wharf and enjoyed some desserts, like chocolate fudge.

June 13, 2018- Swimmers of the Day- Daniel, Gavin, David, and Mia


Roderick: Already exhausted from Tuesday's practice, today's practice was much harder. Despite the endless 100s, I found a great opportunity to not only compete with my teammate but other national level swimmers as well. As we fought through every rep, we all made each other better. Having all finished well, I built new bonds of friendships with them. 

Bianca: Despite being both a mentally and physically tough sprint set this morning all of the Santajets were able to make it through. With motivation going back and forth between both teams the set turned from something we dreaded into something we wanted to conquer. Overall I’d like to thank the aqua jets for joining us on this trip and showing us what we can all accomplish if we work together :)

Mia: Our third day in Monterey was very challenging, yet the Santajets had a fantastic morning workout. Our set was 37 100s, 13 of which were fast. Santa Clara and the Aquajets were full of motivation, and helping to support one another to have a great set. We had some really funny dinner conversation, then went to a team meeting where we heard everyone's season goals, discussed the difference between outcome and process goals, and helped each other set process goals.  

Tina: Whenever you see swimmers from other places at meets, aren't you always the tiniest bit curious about them? The best thing about meeting the Aquajets is hearing about what they like to do at home. In Minnesota they have lots of lakes instead of the beach like us, so they go boating and do water sports pretty often. Hopefully someday we can go together, as SantaJets!

Allen: Our set in the morning destroys me and everyone in its radius. But it’s always worth it to see our times and how we can become better swimmers. The best part was that the people around me kept a positive attitude about the set. After practice we got lunch and just played games in our room with the group. The afternoon set was not as bad and  helped focus on the technique of our strokes. 

June 12, 2018- Swimmers of the Day- Matthew, Gavin, and Cathy


Matthew: Today morning was the hardest workout I had ever done. Although the sets seemed extremely intimidating and overwhelming at first glance, I was able to push myself beyond my limits and reach a new level. Finishing that tough practice gives me confidence for the rest of the training trip to not only overcome these difficult practices but also become a better athlete. These first two days of the trip have been a blast and I hope the rest of the week will be just as exciting.

Nicole: During afternoon practice, Coach Kate gave us a set where we kicked with only the right leg for one lap and only the left for another, which allowed me to really notice the imbalance in my kick and how weak my left leg was compared to my right. After practice, we went to the beach with the Aquajets and learned a little bit about each other by sharing which places in the world we would love to go to. We also had fun by taking lots of pictures, learning how to skip rocks, and building rock towers.

Jordan: Our second day in Monterey started with getting lost on our way to practice, and Jessica discovering farming while we were taking the scenic route.  We had a good morning and afternoon practice, and then ate dinner on a beautiful beach.  We skipped stones, built rock towers, played frisbee, took lots of photos and carried around seaweed for a fantastic evening.  When we got back to the hotel, we had some really good discussions about many topics, including what we can do to help our teammates, and we all learned a lot from each other

Daniel: Our day began with my alarm blaring at only 6:30--I love sleeping in! Then we killed it at practice and had some great times in the van on the way there and back. At lunchtime we played some videogames with all the guys as we ate. Later, another wicked practice and a dinner at the beach where we watched coach Steven show off his rock skipping skills, and the girls build a jump rope out of seaweed. Finally our day ended with a group meeting in the lobby, and some shenanigans with walkie talkies in the hotel. 

Virginie: It’s just the second day of the training trip and so many memories have been formed. I never thought that shopping for food could be fun as I highly enjoyed buying instant mac and cheese with my friends. Although we got lost and arrived late to practice, we still managed to have an amazing practice session. The beach was the best; from practicing skipping stones to whipping seaweeds around, the water is where we all feel at home, no matter how cold or sandy.



June 11:

Nadia:  The car ride down to Monterey had music playing our favorite songs while everyone in the van was singing along. When we got to Monterey we had a fantastic dinner where Allen devoured a burger larger than his face. From the moment we left the Swim Center, I was surrounded by some of my favorite people and we never fail to have a great time together.

Cathy: It hasn't even been a full day, but we've already made so many fun memories. We jammed to music from our elementary school days in the van. We saw Gavin pay $.05 to hug a bear and Allen eat a burger bigger than his face. We built a pillow fort and ambushed our teammates. To end the night, we watched people make Texas worthy cakes.

Gavin:  So far our Santa Clara travel trip to Monterey Bay California, has been a really fun experience. Firstly, being able to train with new people was a great experience in practice this morning. We’ve already bonded with some guys on Blue fish over our love of video games. I also got a huge bear hug from a cute teddy bear at black bear diner. Both the food and the hug were excellent. But mainly, I’ve just been appreciating being able to spend quality time with my teammates.

Jessica:  The car ride to Monterey was super fun. In the beginning, we rocked out to some of Taylor Swift's songs but eventually, the noise died down and went to sleep. When we stepped into the hotel, it felt like we were stepping into Willy Wonka's factory with the glass windows. For dinner today, we went to eat at Black Bear Diner and not only did we get to eat delicious food like chicken pesto pasta and fries, we were able to experience Gavin hug a big stuffed bear for 5 cents.

David:  Advice and insight into how to have a successful training trip:

  1. The attitude and right mindset are the keys to having a successful training trip as you are in the right place and you know what you need to do.
  2. Motivation in yourself and your teammates are the factors that shape the training part of the trip. Being able to work together effectively and be able to have motivation in yourself are what achieves the best results during workouts.
  3. From past training trips, I learned the main thing to do is have fun. I wasn’t in the right place during the Coronado training trips because I was too focused on trying to swim well during the workout parts, which led to more stress overall. For my future training trips and this one, having fun is a much more effective tool to a better training trip experience.