Tuesday July 6, 2010

Practice for Tuesday is MODIFIED for Sr Red/Black/White

Sr Red/Black swim 6-7:45am at Hood

Senior White swims 6:30-8:30am ; Taper swimmers 6:30-7:45am at Clover Hill

All other groups NORMAL



·         Sr Red/Black practice changes for the next week
July 6             6:00-7:45am      Hood    No Evening Practice
July 7             6:45-8:30am      Manchester Farms
July 8             6:00-7:30am      Hood    No Evening Practice
July 9-10         Swim Meets       No Practice
July 12             Day Off             No Practice

·          Senior White Taper Schedulefor swimmers attending the July 9-11 RAC Meet. Those not swimming will practice at the regular time 6:30-8:30am (5:45-7:45am on Friday)
July 7: 6:30-7:30am
July 8: 6:30-7:30am


·         Tryout dates for New swimmers and swimmers who did not swim summer session
Wednesday July 21      6:00-7:00pm    Hood Indoor Pool
Wednesday July 28      6:00-7:00pm    Hood Indoor Pool


The Monocacy Board of Directors would like to disclose the policy for swimmers who were not enrolled for the session which began on May 1 and will end on August 31. All swimmers who are not active with MAC this summer will be required to attend one of the tryout dates in July. The tryouts are 6:00pm on Wednesday July 21 and July 28 at the Hood Indoor Pool. After consideration of the swimmers performance in the tryouts and elsewhere, their age, and vacancies within various MAC groups, the coaching staff will notify the swimmers of their status with the swim club.