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Parent Meeting-the Cyber Version

Because our season is moving ahead with Time Trials so early this year, we won't reschedule tonight's Parent Meeting sessions. For those who were planning on attending this evening, please enjoy this cyber version. 

If you have general questions, you can send an email to [email protected]. For Coaching-specific questions, Coach Wendy McGreal can be reached at [email protected].

Below is a summary of the meeting content:

WELCOME Dolphin Families new and returning to the 28th year of Wellington Dolphin Swimming. (We are calling 2020 a leap year.) Assuming everyone is well rested and your children are enjoying the refreshing pool water temperatures!

WEBSITE Just about EVERYTHING you need to know is on our website. Please get in the habit of logging on when you go on the website to view the content  we keep hidden from Sudley. We also need you to read emails. Lifeblood of communication. The NEWS section of the website is useful for catching up with what you need to know or may have missed. Most emails are generated from the News function on the website.

COVID INFO VERY IMPORTANT and new to the Parent Tab is the Covid information page. We are relying on the best practices as put in place by USA Swimming, combined with CDC and State of Virginia directives. Coach Wendy, Coach Missy, Coach Caleb along with many of our families have been navigating swimming with Covid for the past 12 months.

We respect YOUR need to do what you feel you need to do to keep your family safe. Please make sure you are familiar with practice and meet directions for Covid safety and reach out to us if you need help or have concerns. We do have a few medically fragile swimmers on our team, so our ongoing Covid practices are also to protect those swimmers who are in an unvaccinated class.

PARENTS ON THE POOL DECK A change this season, and we ask everyone to please respect this rule. We ask parents to remain off the pool deck during practice. The reason is twofold, one, we are lessening the number of people on the deck in-line with Covid recommendations; secondly, this reduces the swim team's impact on the number of people on deck when the pool is open to the HOA patrons. Of course, if you are an HOA or non-resident pool pass holder, you are welcome to use your badge and sign into the pool and use it as you wish.

INCLEMENT WEATHER and SMS TEXT ALERTS Make sure you have your phone setup to get SMS Text alerts. We use texts for inclement  weather alerts-when the pool is closing for thunder/lighting and we have to cancel or delay practice. Also please note-PER HOA rules, we MUST clear the deck in case of lightning. We are NOT allowed to huddle under the pavilion or shelter in the bathrooms. So it is very important you have a plan for your swimmer if they have to clear the deck. We can’t have kids in the parking lot in an electrical storm wondering where their ride is.

FAMILY FOLDERS We have a parent volunteer refreshing these. They reside under the cabinets in the pavilion. We use these to pass out ribbons, flyers, Sponsor Coupons, etc. Please be in the habit of checking these at least twice a week.

EMAILING COACHES Coaches-best to contact them via email. Link for email addresses is on the Coach page of website. [email protected]. You can always send something to our main email address and it will get to the person who needs it.

VOLUNTEERS ARE ESSENTIAL Family volunteers are the BACKBONE of this program. This is our team…our PARENT-RUN team. We are reaching a point where many of our seasoned volunteers are leaving. We need folks interested in serving on the Board; working with Nicole and Dani to really understand Clerk of Course beyond just herding the cats; Helping Amy do the announcing; working with Scott to become a Starter; taking a very deep dive and learning how to run the meet software/computer during meets so Jennifer can retire. Voluntold college-age siblings are more than welcome!

Please volunteer at every meet your family is participating in. If you are concered about your ability to volunteer because of a physical limitation, please reach out. We will find a job for you. Meets are purposefully long, hot and boring for non-volunteers.

MEET CLEANUP An ongoing issue is the need for help with meet cleanup. We get that everyone is tired. It is HOT, the kids are melting down…BUT we have GOT to get the pool cleaned up and reset to turn over to the HOA as quickly as possible. We are going to try some new strategies this year to get the pool deck cleaned up quickly so we can reset the pool faster and fairly. PLEASE embrace this. It is NOT FAIR to Wendy, the Coaching Staff, the Pinkleys and a few other kind souls who slog this out for several hours after a meet is finished. With many helping hands it should take no more than 30 minutes to an hour.

FUN STUFF COMING Dani and Maidy are working hard to put together an events calendar for us now that so much of the covid restrictions have been lifted. Please note that there is a new Calendar function on our website. Please check there and be on the lookout for more information.

SIGNING OUT FROM MEETS IS ESSENTIAL There are step-by-step instructions on the parent tab on how to do this. Coach Wendy and the coaching staff put in many HOURS every week to strategize with meet entries. Please don’t leave your swimmer in the mix if you won’t be there. It’s also embarrassing if on meet day we are paging for your child, and it can be a disaster if we think you are there for a relay, but you aren’t.

SPONSORS!  Please PLEASE support our sponsors! Every business who sponsored us in 2020 told us to KEEP THEIR MONEY after the PWSL decided we couldn't have a swimmer. And they are all back again to support us in 2021. This is thousands of dollars collectively across these supporting businesses. We will be partnering sponsors for team events, fundraiser sharing where we get a cut back, and some fun events like a movie night at the pool (TBD). There is currently a Smoothie King coupon on our Facebook page if you haven’t seen it.