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We are just a few days from our biggest event of the Season, DIVISIONALS! We are hosting TWO teams this time-the Kingsbrooke Sealions and the Ridgwood Barracudas, and expect about 550 swimmers plus their families. Please make sure you review all of the information in this message as well as all the information on our Divisional meet page   HERE. There is a lot to know, and we run things differently from a regular home meet. 

WHEN TO GET THERE, ENTRIES, ETC.The meet schedule for arrival/check-in, warmups, meet start is posted on the meet page   HERE. Meet entries are posted on the meet page when they are available.

PARKING Due to the size of the meet, we close off a large part of the parking lot to allow for team areas. Because parking lot space is limited, only those with a parking pass can park in the lot. Families are encouraged to use the circular drive in front of the Clubhouse to drop off swimmers and gear, then head to Grace United Methodist Church for parking. Grace United Methodist Church has generously made available their lot for our use throughout the season. They are located a short walk from the pool at the corner of Wellington and Hendley Road. After parking your car at Grace, cross Hendley and you will find a blacktop path at the corner that will lead you directly back to the Community Center. 

Parking is restricted on Clover Hill and Hendley Roads due to bike lanes. The Manassas City Police will ticket and/or tow vehicles parked on these streets in the bike lanes. If you find parking on other neighborhood streets, please remember to park legally and be mindful of community mailboxes and driveways. MCPD will be keeping an eye on things during the meet, and illegally parked cars will be ticketed and or towed. 

TEAM AREA SETUP Team areas are marked on the map on the Divisional Team areas page  HERE. Please do not set up a tent in an area marked in red or in another team's area! We will  be using the Basketball court for Wellington team setup area, but, IF YOU SET UP ON THE BASKETBALL COURT, you MUST have your tent legs protected with tennis balls, old socks or have your tent on a tarp. Unprotected tents will be forced to move. Do not set up tents on the front sidewalk, the concrete driveway leading to the large gate or around the front of the clubhouse. Wellington families are to be only in the areas indicated  on the map

DECK ACCESS Access to the pool deck is for volunteers and families watching the races. No tents or chairs allowed on the pool deck, with the exception being VIP raffle winners. (You should know who you are.) Scoring/Ribbon/Computer volunteers will be under the pavilion. The pavilion area and the blue canopy areas are reserved for volunteers, annoucer and referee meetings only. Families are not permitted to put chairs and "camp out" in these areas for this meet-the meet is simply too crowded to allow for extra folks on deck. Spectators should view from the back side of the pool along the fence area only. We cannot have parents in Starting/Referee areas or Coach tents.

DIVISIONAL T-SHIRTS Your pre-ordered shirts are available at the Welcome Tent for pickup. There will NOT be extras on hand. T-hirt purchase was by pre-orders only.

TEAR DOWN/CLEAN UP We need EVERYONE to do their part to police their areas, pick up trash and make sure the pool and surrounding areas are ready to be turned over to the HOA when the meet is over. We can always use extra help packing up the shed, emptying trash, resetting furniture and getting us out of there. We are all hot, tired and ready to nap-many hands makes it go faster.

SWIM NAPS and DINNER Squeeze this in between meet end and 6:00 when you need to start thinking about heading over to Osbourn High School for the awards. OHS is located in Old Town Manassas off Main St. diagonal from the parking garage. 

AWARDS CEREMONY Doors open at 6:30; ceremonies begin at 7:00. Swimmers typically come in "Sunday best." We use the auditorium which is the doors on the right side of the front of the school. Look for all the parked cars and people coming/going. We will be the only ones there.Every swimmer is recognized. Click  HERE for details. This assembly of all the families also serves as the annual meeting of the Membership where we elect new members to the Board of Directors. After this we head back to the pool for...

AFTER PARTY AT THE POOL We head back to the pool at 9:00 for pool fun. Desserts are pot-luck. See  HERE for details on bringing desserts and volunteering to help with our last hurrah. We end at 11:00, or until the cops come, or mom and dad have had ENOUGH...whichever comes first.