Parent Meeting Monday Oct 4
On Monday, October 4th, MAC will be having a parent orientation meeting, starting at 6:15 at the Frederick High School Auditorium This meeting is for both new families and all members of our community. Topics that will be covered by members of the Board of Directors include: MAC's vision for success, our corporate governance, a briefing of our finances (where our funding comes from, and how we spend it) and a detailed discussion on what families need to know from the coaches perspective--ranging from training to swim meets and all things in between!
In addition, we will cover swimmer registration, and outline all the areas we need support from parents. We are a volunteer organization and it takes a great deal of commitment from our entire swimming community to have a successful program.
Please join us on Monday. The agenda for the meeting is below. The Board looks forward to discussing our club and answering any questions you might have.
John Borgersen
President, Monocacy Aquatic Club

MAC Orientation/Membership Meeting


Monday, October 4th, 2010

Fredrick High School Auditorium


  1. Welcome to Club—MAC Swimming: excellence in and out of the pool (John Borgersen)
    1. Brief history of team/accomplishments
    2. Our goals
    3. How we are governed: the role of the Board, by-laws  and the coaching staff
    4. How we communicate
    5. Problem resolution and questions
    6. MAC as a community
    7. Q&A
  2. MAC—Swimming philosophy and coaches introductions (Andy Lehner/coaching staff)
    1. Our program-group structure
    2. Technique and training perspective
    3. What your swimmer needs to know—from practices to swim meets
    4. Goals
    5. Questions/problem resolution—how to communicate
    6. Introduction to coaching staff
    7. Q&A
  3. The business side of MAC (Ed Goundry,  Dan Femiano)
    1. Registering your swimmer: why it is important and the information we need
    2. Where your membership fees go—financial report and the Treasures perspective
    3. When and how you are billed; the financial policy for members
    4. Swimming meets—costs and how to enter
    5. Q&A
  4. MAC as a volunteer organization (Helene Williams/Deb Reynolds)
    1. What is expected of parents and where we need your help
    2. Sponsored meets (Hogan/Winter)
    3. Fundraising
    4. Q&A
  5. MAC—Today and tomorrow; looking toward the future (John Borgersen)