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SCSC Weekly Chlorine - Week of 11/15/10

Schedule for Week of 11/15/10
WF (NO MON) Swim 5:30-6:30 or 7am
Mon-Fri Swim 3:30-5:30pm
Mon-Fri Dryland

Sat Swim 6-8:30am

Mon-Fri Swim 3:30-5:30pm
MTWTh Dryland 5:30-6:15pm

Sat Swim 6-8:30am

Blue Bell (boys and girls)
MWF Dryland 5-5:30pm
Mon-Fri Swim 5:30-7:30pm

Sat Swim 7:00-9:00am

Yellow Bell
Session 1: Mon/Wed/Fri Swim 4:30-6:00pm, Tue/Thu Dryland 4:15-4:40pm + Swim 4:40-6:05pm
Session 2: Mon/Wed/Fri Swim 6:00-7:30pm, Tue/Thu Dryland 5:40-6:05pm + Swim 6:05-7:30pm
Sat: Swim 9:00-11:00am

White Bell
Mon-Fri 5:00-6:00pm
Sat Swim 10:30-11:30am

Junior Bell

Mon-Fri Swim 6:00-7:00pm (Saratoga)
M/W 4:00-5:00pm (Wilson)

Upcoming Events

11/20-21: Gilroy C/B/A @ Morgan Hill
11/24: deadline to enter JO’s (14 & Under)
12/1: deadline to enter WAVE C/B/A Meet
12/2-5: Husky Invitational @ Seattle, WA (Gold/Nat’l)
12/3-5: JO’s (14 & Under) @ Pleasanton (qualifiers only)
12/9-11: Speedo Junior Champs @ Atlanta, GA (Nat’l qualifiers)
12/10-12: Pacific Senior T&F @ Pleasant Hill (Gold/Silver)
12/11-12: WAVE C/B/A @ Morgan Hill
1/14-17: Texas Grand Prix @ Austin, TX (Junior Nat’l or better)
1/15-16: ZONE Champs

Age Group Swim Meets

PLEASE make sure that any meet you sign up for is on our TEAM SCHEDULE (found here: ). If you would like to go to a meet that is NOT on the schedule, please talk with your coach. Meets are really great team functions and it’s hard for your coaches to assess your progress when they don’t see you compete. Moreover, it is very important for you to have proper supervision when going to a meet; you technically cannot be doing dives or pace without a coach present. Thank you for your consideration of this matter!

Gilroy C/B/A Meet

Good luck all athletes participating in the Gilroy C/B/A+ this weekend! Please be at the meet no later than 7:45am. Make sure you check-in at the check-in desk and check-in with your coaches so they know you're there! The coaches will be Coach Carlene, Coach Abby, Coach Matt, Coach Broc and Coach Rob. The meet is at the Morgan Hill Aquatic Center, 16200 Condit Road, Morgan Hill, California 95037-9598 and the meet sheet can be found here: (meet sheet contains directions, location, other information about the meet, etc.)

Raffle from the Banquet!

Congratulations to all our lucky winners at the banquets raffle drawing!  We have selected lucky number 287472 for the SCSC Prize pack.  Check your tickets; if it’s your number, contact Stella in the office for your winnings.


The Zone meet January 15-16 is one of our mandatory annual team FUNctions! This year, there is a new rule to make sure that swimmers are experienced to prepare for the big meet: you must have swam in a meet BEFORE you go to Zones. Since this is a mandatory event for all swimmers (except for our developmental swimmers), please sign up for a C/B/A meet before Zones!


No Monday morning workout.


No news!

Blue Bells - boys

No news!

Blue Bells - girls

Good Job to you Blue Bell Girls! It was raining but you ladies were great! You swam the best you could and didn't let the rain slow you down. Thank you for being so tough! Continue to be smart swimmers and have your shoes and warm clothes on until you swim; you'll swim much better!

Yellow Bells

Great job at our 100 IMs! We still need to focus on our turns a little bit more though. This week we will be doing 100 STROKEs (NON-FREESTYLE!) Also, don’t forget to get a pull buoy!

White Bells

No news!

Junior Bells

To continue our efforts in accommodating everyone's requests, we will continue offering a 4:00-5:00pm practice on Monday and Wednesday ONLY at the WILSON POOL (1840 Benton St. Santa Clara, CA 95050). There will no longer be 4:00-5:00pm workouts at the International Swim Center starting November 15th. We will offer practices at Harker Saratoga Monday thru Friday from 6:00-7:00pm.


We had 450 best times last weekend at the ALMA meet along with several new PRT, FW and JO cuts! Congratulations to:
Jed Jones 50Fr

Cathy Teng 50Fr, 100Fl
Janet Tran 50Fl

Cathy Teng 200Fr, 50Bk

David McKenna 100Fr

Janet Tran 400IM

Gianluca Bencomo 400IM

Sidhant Idgunji 100Fr, 400IM

Nehemi Winn 50Br

Daria Cocol 50Fr, 100Fr, 50Bk, 100Br, 100IM

Brianna Fu 200Fr, 50Br
Dasha Pastushenko 50Br
Joyce Roh 50Br
Sophia Sebastian 50Fr
Kaitlyn Wu 100Fl
Erik Simeon 100Fr
Kristin Pampeyan 200Bk
Elizabeth Shashkova 50Fr, 100Br
Janet Tran 100Fl
Mark Gorelik 400IM
Bryan Ngo 50Br
Hannah Roh 100Br
Brandon Ngo 100Br

See you again next week!