Important: Wenatchee Apple Capital Meet!!

BCST Families and Swimmers

VERY Important!!

Re:                  Apple Capital Invitational  

The following information about Apple Capital has been modified by the BCST Coaches to enable us to provide you with enough information to enter this meet prior to the time that the official information will be available. We used last year’s info and changed some of the dates and info to give you an idea about the meet.


The info presented here will assist you when you sign up for the meet.


Please sign up for the meet ASAP. This meet fills up , our team entry will go in the next day!  

The entry deadline is Wednesday, April 6th.



NOTE:           Bellevue Club Families and Swimmers!


Please do not sign up for Session 7 (Sunday late afternoon events) as swimmers, parents and coaches will need to return home for minimum recovery time and to get ready for the last two weeks of school (finals, tests), spring training and work.   

In past years Session 7 has not even started before 4:30pm on Sunday.



Entries Info


·        Friday

  • 11 & over swimmers            3 individual events max  & 1- relay

     Saturday & Sunday

  • 10 & under swimmers          3 events max & 1- relay
  • 11 & over swimmers            3 events max & 1- relay

The meet info always shows that 11 & over swimmers may enter 4 events. However , this meet is always over-subscribed and they will ask us to drop a swimmer’s least desired event.

·        Therefore, do not enter more than 3-events. We cannot do that for 200 swimmers.


This is a very fun meet try to schedule it!!!!!