Mayflowers Info

May Flowers is just around the corner.  Here’s some info for all swimmers attending.


  • Saturday: Arrive by 8:45 AM
  • Sunday: Arrive by 7:45 AM

All individual events will require a positive check in.  This is the swimmer’s responsibility. 

Check in times will go as follows:

  • Saturday:  Events 1 & 2 9:30 AM, events 5-14 10:30 AM,  event 15 12:00 noon
  • Sunday:    Events 17 & 18  8:30 AM, events 21-30 9:30 AM, event 31 11:00 AM

With it being positive check in, the projected timeline will most likely end up being faster tha what is listed.

Projected Timeline Link

Psych Sheet Link