Apple Capital & More!

BCST Wins Apple Capital 2011

Congratulations to the BCST on winning the 2011 Apple Capital meet.  The 200+ swimmers who attended the 3 day meet in beautiful Wenatchee really stepped up to hold off the other teams and claim the title for the first time 8 years.

Hat’s must go off to our Age Group swimmers!  Unlike the other teams, the BCST’s Seniors don’t participate on Sunday because they go river rafting instead (see article below).  This left our younger swimmers in charge of filling the void, and they were up to the task.  Leading the way for the BCST Age Group swimmers was Finn Heneghan who won the high point award for 8 & Under Boys!

The meet also was host to an emotional, once in a lifetime experience as the Stanchi family men competed together in a 400 Medley relay.  The team consisted of Marco (14) on back, Paolo (18) on Breast, David (49) on Fly, and Michael (15) on Free.  This relay was something they had been talking about for years, and with Paolo going off to college next year, it was now or never.  Seeing David put his arms around his sons and speaking to them in Italian, and preparing his sons for their race was so touching it made me want to reach for my cell and call my dad.  Ngo family, you're next!

In addition to the meet, we had our annual team picnic on Saturday night.  A big thanks to the BCST Boosters and parent volunteers for putting on another great spread!

Travel meets are always a fun experience, and an outdoor meet in the sun really is the essence of swimming.  This meet really brings BCST member together, and the cheering and camaraderie we saw is a galvanizing force that will only help us as we train through the summer and prepare for our championships.

Seniors have a “Bloody” good time rafting!

BCST swimmers, parents, and coaches hopped in their rafts Sunday morning to ride the Wenatchee river.  The trip is comprised of some level 3 rapids, water fights, and a big barbeque and the journey’s end.  It was a little more physical this year than in year’s past, here’s an account of the damages:

  • Mr. Jim Deiparine, took a water buck to the head in a water fight, delivered by his boat mate Curtis Cox, that left a gash the needed to be stitched up.
  • Anna Keane had her paddle get bucked up from a wave and hit her square in the nose that made her look like Sissy Spacek and the end of the movie “Carrie”.
  • Coach Andrew Nguyen got thrown out of his raft, and in the boat’s attempt to go and save him Coach Andy Pym went into the drink as well.  Both were soon rescued, but Mike Van Maren sprained his finger pulling Andy into the boat.
  • Evan Moline got tossed out of his boat as well.
  • Ed Kim got cold.

What a great time, we’re definitely doing it again next year!