A.G. Seattle Open Results

Age Group Seattle Open


Overcoming torrential downpours, bitter winds, and freezing cold temperatures, BCST swimmers swam their way to a 2ndplace finish in this years Seattle Open.  The environment may not have been the most conducive one possible for fast swimming, but BCST didn’t let a little thing like weather stop them from amassing best times and PNS time standards.  Congratulations BCST swimmers for another great meet!

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Amongst the meets highlights:


100% best times:

Sean An   -   Sophia Coco   -   Henry Lucco   -   Abigail Paxton   -   AJ Rossman   -   Blake Ueda

Peter Wang   -   Ryland Williams


Individual event top 3 finishers:

Austin Barnard               (1st100 fly, 200 free, 100 free, 2nd200 back, 100 back, 3rd50 free, 200 fly)

Jake Beauchamp          (3rd200 breast)

Stephen Boden                (1st1500 free, 3rd200 free)

Johnathan Cassady       (3rd50 breast)

Shannon Cassady         (2nd200 breast, 3rd50 breast, 100 breast)

David Conger                (2nd400 free, 3rd400 free)

Marley Cross                (1st100 free)

Willie Dittig                    (2nd100 free)

Thomas Eggenberger   (1st400 IM, 200 back)

Nick Elizarov                 (1st50 free, 50 back, 100 free, 2nd200 free, 200 IM, 100 back)

Vlad Elizarov                (1st50 fly, 200 free, 2nd100 fly, 3rd50 free)

Elisa Fang                    (1st200 IM, 400 IM, 100 breast, 200 fly, 50 fly, 2nd100 Fr, 100 fly, 200 Fr, 400 Fr)

Gabe Florsheim            (1st50 free, 2nd100 fly)

Finn Heneghan              (1st50 free, 50 back, 50 breast, 50 fly)

Lauryn Hepp                 (2nd100 back)

Emily Kim                     (3rd200 back)

Alex Klinck                   (3rd50 free, 50 back)

Aspen Croiss                (3rd50 back)

Linnea Luthra                 (2nd50 breast)

Yasmin Luthra               (2nd50 back)

Ricardo Martinez           (1st200 back)

Christina McDermott       (3rd400 IM)

Cyssi Ngo                     (2nd200 fly)

Rachel Nguyen              (50 fly)

AJ Rossman                 (3rd100 back)

Marco Stanchi               (3rd200 back)

Lianna Sutich                 (1st100 fly, 3rd200 IM)

Blake Ueda                   (3rd100 breast)

Linnea Uyeno                (2st 100 breast, 200 breast, 3rd50 free)

Izzy Voight                    (2nd100 breast, 3rd50 breast)

Ben Whitty                    (2nd100 breast)

Markus Zimmerman    (3rd1500 free)