Blue-Orange Meet Wrap-Up

2011 Blue/Orange Meet  Wrap-up

Right up there with the Yankees/Red Sox, Lakers/Celtics, and Cowboys/Redskins, the BCST Blue/Orange meet embodies the history, drama, and spirit of competition that characterizes some of the most heated rivalries in sports today.  For one October Sunday the BCST, which for every other day of the year is a harmonious, supportive team of coaches and athletes, is transformed into a team of divided loyalties, akin to the civil war.

The Orange Team, led by the charismatic, handsome, and talented coaching staff of Klaas Schenk, Dwight Anderson, Dwayne Stewart, and Marisa Chang went into the meet as the odds on favorites, no doubt because of the obvious coaching advantage over the Blue team staff:  Andy Pym, Bret Bogachus, Andrew Nguyen, and Kerry Tannhauser.  However, in one of the greatest upsets in the history of the Blue/Orange meet, the Blue swimmers overcame the incredible odds against them and pulled out a 3,335 to 2,862 win.  Credit REALLY goes to all the swimmers for their courageous efforts. 

The post meet chatter was short on neither controversy nor conspiracy theories.  Rumors swirled throughout the crowd that Andy Pym, head coach of the Blue team and also in charge of assembling the rosters for the teams, had tilted the scales in favor of his team.  When asked for comment after the meet Andy said only, “Obviously the better prepared team won.”  Klaas Schenk, once again showing the class and honor which has characterized his hall of fame coaching career, refused to add credence to the rumors, only congratulating the opposing team on their victory. 

Blue swimmers relished in their victory.  Philip Wang was seen taunting the Orange coaching staff, pointing at them and laughing, saying, “Ha-ha!!! We Won! We Won.” When the final score was announced, Lily Morris launched into a celebration dance the likes of which would make Terrell Owens proud.  Taking team spirit to an awkward extent, Ricardo Martinez and Dane Williams looked like members of the Blue Man Group after painting over their bodies with blue markers. 

All in all, it was another highly enjoyable kick off to the 2011-2012 season.  Congratulations Blue team for your well deserved victory.  Enjoy it while you can.  Thank you to the BCST booster club and the BCST parents for putting on a smooth, well run meet.  Thank you especially to Connie Sholdra and Pat Deiparine for all their hard work!!!

For all the results and team scores CLICK HERE

Those who achieved 100% best times were:

Michael Badiozamani           Chris Freese                         Abby Montgomery    

Owen Benda                          Erin Freese                            Abby Pana
Michael Bondarenko            Kellen Gibson                        Portia Plaskon

Katherine Bower                   Amelia Girotto                       Henry Pratt

Madeline Browne                  Kunal Gupta                           Jake Renegar

Jonathan Butler                     Lauren Haferman                  Nate Robinson

Shannon Cassady                Sarah Harrison                      John Rolfe

Madeleine Chin                     Jake Headrick                       Kevin Sato

Kian Cooney                          Conrad Karwal                      Matthew Shum

Courtney Cross                     Ben Lall                                  Celia Steinhauer

Kate Dash                              Kyle Lee                                 Ethan Tan

Sean Dimmer                        Nathan Lee                            Kayley Toefield

Kennedy Elhajj                       Alice Li                                   Joelle Tudor

Nick Elizarov                          Olivia Manning                       Blake Ueda

Grace Fredman                     Christina McDermott            Katie Ueda

Joseph Walsh                        Sarah Walsh                          Andrew Wang

Peter Wang                           Phillip Wang                          Derek Wei

Ryland Williams                     Emma Wineland                   Graham Wrightson

Martin Wu                              


High Point Awards:


7 & Under Girls:      Courtney Cross

7 & Under Boys:     Matthew Kwon

8 Year Old Girls:      Kylie Doan - Celia Steinhauer

8 Year Old Boys:      Nathan Lee

9 Year Old Girls:      Nathalie Valdman

9 Year Old Boys:     Finn Heneghan

10 Year Old Girls:  Rachel Nguyen

10 Year Old Boys:  Nicholas Elizarov

11 Year Old Girls:  Carly Tudor

11 Year Old Boys:  AJ Rossman

12 Year Old Girls:  Shannon Cassady

12 Year Old Boys:  Cameron Hayes

13 Year Old Girls:  Elisa Fang

13 Year Old Boys:  Aaron Elhajj

14 Year Old Girls:  Kim Williams

14 Year Old Boys:  Austin Barnard

15 & Over Girls:      Anna Keane

15 & Over Boys:     Ed Kim