14 & Under PNS Champs 'Thank You!'

PNS 14 & Under Champs and many thanks to all.

Just a quick note to congratulate all the 14 & under BCST swimmers and their parents for outstanding performances and contributions throughout the past 3-day weekend!!

While our coaches have not yet had time to complete a statistical evaluation of all the swims, it does not preclude us from shouting out just how pleased we were with the meet this weekend!

The swimmers swam fantastic!The meet ran flawlessly. BCST officials were everywhere. Visiting team officials were everywhere as well! BCST volunteer parents were amazing fulfilling endless roles.  Parents from participating teams more than fulfilled their volunteer positions. The visiting team coaches were great! KCAC pool staff was great. Coaches and officials were well fed by the hospitality crew (thank you).  It always amazes me just how many hours of volunteer work is completed at these meet. I’m sure it is well over 2,000 ‘work share’ hours.

I want to mention two individuals who deserve extra special recognition for their efforts and the quality of their work for this past weekend: Dave Conger as Meet Director and Connie Sholdra as the Meet Referee were both outstanding (thanks so much to you both).

I also want to applaud our BCST coaching staff who helped guide our swimmers to their fine performances over the weekend, I think you know who they are! I'm very proud of our staff.

One other individual who certainly deserves special mention is Nathan Adrian. Nathan, a 2008 Olympic gold medal winner, was a real treat for all of our swimmers and families this past weekend. I hope you were able to see and hear Nathan speak!.

As for the meet results, well.........KING is still KING, but no doubt we put them on alert! I’m sure they’ll make extra efforts to prepare for our next encounter. Let’s not disappoint them, or any other team for that matter, it's good for PNS. Let’s continue to give our best and go for the number one spot. I’m certain all other teams will be trying to move up as well. I HOPE SO!   To see the unofficial scores please check below. Coach Dwight will give all of us his 'in-depth report when all the info becomes available.


  2011  14 & Under PNS Champs Scoring


  1. King Aquatic Club                       3423                 

  2. Bellevue Club Swim Team       3128

  3. Issaquah Swim Team               1852            

  4. Cascade Swim Club                  1666

  5. Pacific Dragons Swim Team   1179           

  6. West Coast Aquatics                   739

  7. Olympic Cascade Aquatics        703.5            

  8. Wave Aquatics                              700

  9. Bainbridge Island Swim Club     680.5         

10. WhiteWater Aquatics                    575.5

 11. Mighty Marlins Swim Club          432            

12. Tacoma Swim Club                     407

13. North Whidbey Aquatic Club      356.5         

14. Bellevue Eastside Swim Team  342

15. Stingray Swim Club                      271            

16. Central Area Aquatic Team        240

17. Golds Aquatic Club                      210            

18. Pro Swimming                              176.5

19. Bellingham Bay Swim Team     169.5         

20. Poulsbo Piranha Swim Team   141

21. Port Angeles Swim Club            131           

22. Valley Aquatics                             118

23. Evergreen Swim Club                 117          

24. Penguin Aquatics                        116

25. West Seattle YMCA Dolphins      94         

26. Chinook Aquatic Club                   81

27. Thunderbird Aquatic Club            78.5         

28. Thurston Olympian Swim Club   77

29. Olympic Aquatic Club                   57            

30. Storm Aquatics                              50.5

31. Poseidon Aquatic Club                49          

32. Excel Swim Club                           47

33. South Snohomish County Dolphin  27        

34. Thurston Olympians Swim Clu  26

35. Unattached - Bellevue Club        20         

36. Puget Sound Swim Club            19

37. Vashon Seals  Swim Team         8          

38. Aquatic Academy                           6

39. Puget Sound Aquatics                  5           

40. UN - Tacoma Swim Club             2

40. Bangor Tridents Swim Team     2