Ryan Lochte Coming to 14&Under PNS Champs
Attention 14& Under swimmers:  Ryan Lochte, 2008 Olympic Champion from Beijing, will be attending the finals session of the 2008 PNS 14&Under Championships on Saturday, December 13th.  This will be your chance meet one of the great champions of our sport.  
This weekend's November Age Group Invitational will be your last chance to qualify for this event, and will put you on deck with Ryan Lochte as he speaks to our swimmers, signs autographs, and makes the awards presentations.  You will even have the chance to have your picture taken with him!
Good luck making your qualifying times.  
We hope to see you at the 2008 PNS 14&Under Championships.

Andy Francois

PNS 14 & Under Champs Meet Director