BC-MAC-OCST Tri Meet Results


2012 BC/MAC/OCST Tri-Meet 1/7/12

Congratulations BCST on taking first place in the BC/MAC/OCST Tri meet held at Hazen High School on January 7th.  BCST scored a total of 803 points, outdistancing 2nd place MAC (398 pts.), and 3rd place OCST (292 pts.).  The final score may not have been terribly close, but those who were there saw some great competition and very close races between the three teams.  It’s always fun having these teams join us annually for this friendly competition.


Showing little signs of rust coming off the holidays, BCST swimmers performed admirably.  Three swimmers who enjoyed particularly fantastic days were Kylie Doan, Rachel Nguyen, and Nicholas Elizarov, who took first place in all three of their events. 


After the meet all three teams enjoyed the culinary delights of Jet City Pizza before heading home, us to our nearby abodes, and our friends from the south on their multi-hour trip back to Oregon.  All in all, it was another fun day and meet for BCST swimmers.


Thank you BCST boosters and volunteers for all your work in hosting this fun event.  Extra special thanks to Colleen Pana for her work as Meet Director and to Connie Sholdra for her work as Meet Referee. 




Top 3 Finishers:

Sean An (2nd 100 IM)

Andrew Boden (3rd 50 back)

Michael Bondarenko (2nd 100 free)

Jimmy Butler (2nd 50 fly, 50 back)

Jonathan Butler (1st 50 free, 2nd 25 back, 25 fly)

Madeleine Chin (2nd 50 breast)

Sophia Coco (3rd 50 breast)

Willie Dittig (3rd 200 IM)

Kylie Doan (1st 25 breast, 25 back, 50 free)

Mitchell Eggenberger (200 IM)

Thomas Eggenberger (1st  50 free, 100 free)

Alex Elizarov (1st 50 fly, 2nd 50 free, 3rd 100 free)

Nick Elizarov (1st 100 IM, 50 breast, 100 free)

Vlad Elizarov (1st 50 free, 1st 50 fly, 2nd 100 free)

Elisa Fang (1st 100 back, 2nd 200 free, 2nd 100 fly)

Gabe Florsheim (2nd 100 fly)

Alma Freeman (2nd 50 back)

Amelia Girotto (2nd 25 back, 3rd 25 breast, 50 free)

Katie Groesbeck (1st 100 breast)

Taiya Hansen (2nd 25 free)

Lauryn Hepp (3rd 100 fly)

Haley Kirtland (3rd 50 free, 50 back)

Alex Klinck (2nd 50 free, 3rd 25 breast)

Diane Lee (1st 25 free)

Nathan Lee (1st 25 free, 25 fly, 2nd 25 breast)

Megan Lowell (2nd 100 IM)

Ricardo Martinez (1st 200 IM, 2nd 50 fly, 2nd 100 free)

Megan McCarthy (1st 50 back, 3rd 50 breast)

Annalise Nahlin (2nd 200 IM)

Rachel Nguyen (1st 50 free, 50 back, 100 free)

Abby Pana (3rd 50 fly)

Andrew Pana (3rd 50 free)

Maithili Patel (2nd 50 free, 50 breast, 100 free)

Kevin Sato (2nd 25 free)

Ian Sherrer  (1st 50 breast)

Celia Steinhauer (1st 25 fly, 2nd 25 breast, 50 free)

Kayley Toefield (3rd 50 back)

Carly Tudor (1st 50 fly, 100 free)

Jayna Van Stone (2nd 50 free, 3rd 100 back)

Peter Wang (1st 50 back, 2nd 50 breast)

Phillip Wang (1st 50 back, 2nd 50 breast, 3rd 100 free)

Ben Whitty (1st 100 breast)

Emma Wineland (3rd 50 fly)

Samantha Wineland (2nd 25 fly)

Martin Wu (2nd 50 back)

Markus Zimmerman (3rd 200 free)


100% Best Times:



Euiri Ahn                                  Haley Kirtland

Lucy Benda                               Kyle Lee

Kate Browne                             Megan Lei

Will Browne                               Nolan Manning

Ali Chang                                  Caitlin Neher

Claire Chung                            Stella Oh

Emma Conger                          Andrew Pana

Grace Courter                          Michael Peck

Mitchell Eggenberger                Jake Renager

Thomas Eggenberger               Sarah Sherrer

Jack Feller                                Sarah Smith

Jenna Frazer                            Ethan Tan

Kellen Gibson                          Phillip Wang

Lindy Gibson                           Ryland Williams

Amelia Girotto                         Martin Wu

Kaitlyn Girotto

Kunal Gupta

Macenna Hansen