January Challenge Weather Advisory!

Posted Sunday, 10:00am, January 15, 2012


I just talked with Dwayne who stated that it is currently snowing at Tacoma Curtis High School. One coach will be at the meet just in case someone shows up, but our advice to BCST participants is to, “STAY AT HOME”.


The BCST coaches.


Posted Sunday, 9:30am, January 15, 2012


Following discussion with the BCST coaches currently attending the January Challenge at Curtis High School, the strong recommendation (based on current weather conditions in the Tacoma area) is to “stay at home”. Dwayne, who just arrived at the meet site, stated the roads were icy and very questionable.


The second session of the day, which is slated to start with a warm-up at 11:30am and meet at 12:30pm, has not yet been cancelled.


Further notice will be posted within the next   30 minutes, at 10:00am.