Update: Jan 18-19, Snow Schedule

Posted January 18th, 11:00pm

All workouts for today (Wednesday, the 18th) have been cancelled as posted on the BCST website (front page).


Re: Thursday, January 19th.

The possibilities that weather conditions will continue thru tomorrow prompts us to communicate a Snow Schedule for tomorrow (Thursday, the 19th). Please check below.

BCST Snow Schedule

If Bellevue Schools go on a late start, all early morning BCST workouts will be cancelled. If Bellevue Schools close all day, weather & road conditions permitting, BCST workouts will be re-scheduled as shown below. This is assuming all other factors (pool, coaches, Bellevue Club, swimmers ability to get to the pool, etc.) are intact.

Thursday, Jan 19th

10:00-11:00am            PREP group                                        5-lanes

11:00-12:00pm            SR 2 group – Blue groups                  5-lanes

12:00-1:00pm              Masters swimming                              All pool

1:00-2:00pm                All Bronze & Silver groups                5-lanes

2:00-3:30pm                SRE & SR1                                         5-lanes

3:30-4:30pm                Orange groups & Gold groups            8-lanes

4:30-5:30pm                Regional & Champ groups                 8-lanes

DRYLAND workouts are cancelled.

For swimmers attending school Districts that are in session, we will provide a late afternoon workout schedule if weather conditions allow. Note that the Orange, Gold, Regional and Champ group Snow schedule will be available to those swimmers.

For those swimmers who live nearby the BC and can safely make it to the Club, the Club is almost always open.