January 20th Training Schedule Update!

Good morning BCST Families,


A quick update for Friday, January 20th:


The morning workouts for the SR-2, SR PREP and BLUE groups morning workouts have been cancelled and moved to the afternoon.


Weather & travel conditions permitting we will go with the new schedule shown below.

Keep checking your emails and the WEBSITE.


Snow Schedule (Bellevue Schools not in session):   Friday, Jan 20th


12:00-1:00pm                Masters swimming                                All pool

1:00-2:00pm                  All Bronze & Silver groups                     5-lanes

2:00-3:30pm                  SRE & SR1                                          5-lanes

3:30-4:30pm                  Orange & Gold groups                          8-lanes

4:30-5:30pm                  Regional & Champ groups                     8-lanes

5:30-6:30pm                  SR-2, SR Prep, BLUE groups                8-lanes

DRYLAND workouts are cancelled.

For swimmers attending school Districts that will be in session this day please join one of the age appropriate groups training after your school ‘lets out’.

For swimmers who live nearby the BC and can safely make it to the Club, the Club is almost always open. If you can get in a good swim, ‘Go For It!