Divisional Champs Meet Produces Another Great Showing for BCST Swimmers!!

Spring Divisional Champs 03/3-4

Bellevue Club swimmers enjoyed another fine weekend of swimming at this year’s Spring Divisional Championship swim meet.  Several swimmers went home with trophies while competing in the 12 and Under Pentathlon format, while many 13 & Over qualified for finals, leading BCST to a 4th place finish overall. 

Congratulations also to the following swimmers who picked up new Regional qualifying times over the weekend:  Michael Bondarenko (100 fly), Jimmy Butler (50 fly), Haley Kirtland (50 free), Rachel Nguyen (50 back), Ryan Lei (100 fly), Henry Lucco (50 back, 50 breast), and Ruben Luthra (50 fly). 

Great job BCST swimmers!  Only two more meets to go, and we wrap up another short course season.  Keep working hard so we can finish this season off in style.


100% Best Times

Jane Andersen                        

Natalie Anderson                   

Edward An                              

Luke Beauchamp                    

Kian Cooney                           

Naomi Florsheim                    

Nick German                          

Macenna Hansen                   

Ryan Johnston                        

Haley Kirtland

Alex Klinck

Henry Lucco

Linnea Luthra

Ella Martinez

Eve Muratore

Sofija Raisys

Lindsay Rubin

Nicholas Valdman

Peter Wang

Derek Wei

Lindsay White


12 & Under Pentathlon Award Winners

8 & Under Girls:

Kylie Doan (4th)


8 & Under Boys:

Nathan Lee (1st)

Kevin Sato (4th)

Jonathan Butler (6th)

Alex Klinck (7th)


9 Year Old Girls:

Katie Cross (3rd)

Ellie Bailey (4th


9 Year Old Boys:

Finn Heneghan (4th)


10 Year Old Girls:

Maithili Patel (2nd)

Nathalie Valdman (3rd)

Emma Wineland (7th)


10 Year Old Boys:

Nick Elizarov (1st)

Vlad Elizarov (2nd)

William Paxton (8th)


11 Year Old Boys:

Henry Lucco (4th)

Andrew Wang (5th)


13 and Over Finalists

Jake Beauchamp          (7 th 200 IM)

Michael Bondarenko    (5th 100 fly)

Cassie Burgess           (15 th 200 free, 16th 50 free)

Mitchell Eggenberger (4th 200 fly)

Kennedy Elhajj           (8th 200 free, 9th 100 free, 11th 200 IM, 14th 50 free, 15th 100 back)

Katie Groesbeck         (12 th 200 fly)

CC Hagen                   (7 th 100 back, 10th 200 free)

Lauryn Hepp               (13 th 200 free)

Chase Johnsen           (15 th 100 back)

Nolan Manning          (11 th 200 fly)

Christina McDermott (5th 100 breast, 6th 200 back, 10th 200 IM, 12th 100 back)

Henry Pratt                 (8 th 100 breast)

Emily Prentice            (7 th 50 free)

Austin Ralph               (4th 100 back, 6th 50 free, 7th 200 fly)

AJ Rockwell                (6 th 200 breast, 11th 100 breast, 11th 50 free, 16th 100 free)

Linnea Uyeno             (3rd 200 free, 6th 50 free, 200 IM, 100 free)

Loren Wallace            (15th 200 free, 200 fly)

Derek Wei                  (10 th 100 fly)