Two Pentathlons: 10 & Under plus 11 & Over

Ten and Under Pentathlon     &      11 and Over Pentathlon


The great swimming continued for Bellevue Club, as BCST swimmers dominated this year’s Ten and Under Pentathlon!  And while BCST was the only team participating in the 11 and Over Pentathlon, that didn’t stop our older swimmers from competing hard in order to land a top 6 finish and walk away with a trophy.


Rarely will you see ten and under swimmers more focused than at this meet.  Among the most coveted awards of the year, the pentathlon trophy typically brings out the best in young BCST swimmers, and this year was no exception.  As for the Eleven and over swimmers, their spirit of competition was equally as high, knowing that without competitors from other clubs, their chances of bringing home hardware was better than ever.


In the Ten and Under category, BCST swimmers were awarded over half of the total trophies, taking home 20 out of the 36 possible trophies.  Nathan Lee was the standout amongst Ten and Unders, winning top honors in the Eight and Under boy’s category.  First place finishers in the Eleven and Over portion of the meet included Abigail Paxton (11-12 girls), Maxwell Cross (11-12 boys), Gillian Matthes (13-14 girls), Xavier Graham (13-14 boys), Hanna Armstrong (15 & Over girls), and Jake Beauchamp (15 & Over boys).


Congratulations BCST swimmers on a great day of racing.  Also, A HUGE THANK YOU to the BCST Boosters, and to Meet Director Colleen Lowell for once again running a great meet! 


100% Best Times


Joseph Andersen

Nathalie Andersen

Andrew Boden

Michael Bondarenko

Jimmy Butler

Hannah Castrogiovanni

Courtney Cross

Lindsey Doherty

Macenna Hansen

Finn Heneghan

Philip Howard

Jack Jones

Jeffrey Kwon

Rena Lee

Tiffany Li

Olivia Manning

Lindsay Rubin

Katie Ueda

Meghan Waiss

Martin Wu


Top 6 Finishers


8 & Under Girls

Kylie Doan (2nd)

Courtney Cross (3rd)

Amelia Girotto (4th)

Samantha Wineland (6th)


8 & Under Boys

Nathan Lee (1st)

Jonathan Butler (2nd)

Alex Klinck (3rd)

Simon Kwon (6th)


9 Year Old Girls

Alma Freeman (3rd)

Katie Cross (4th)

Ellie Bailey (5th)



9 Year Old Boys

Finn Heneghan (3rd)

Ethan Tan (4th)

Kian Cooney (5th)

Kevin Sato (6th)



10 Year Old Girls

Sophia Coco (4th)

Nathalie Valdman (6th)


10 Year Old Boys

Nate Robinson (3rd)

Jimmy Butler (4th)

Killian Riley (6th)


11-12 Girls

Abigail Paxton (1st)

Lisa Paik (2nd)

Emily Kim (3rd)

Tesslyn Matthes (4th)

Izzy Voight (5th)

Zara Mcgrath (6th)


11-12 Boys

Maxwell Cross (1st)

Peter Wang (2nd)

Will Wick (3rd)

Graham Wrightson (4th)


13-14 Girls

Gillian Matthes (1st)

Katie Maier (2nd)

Wendy Wang (3rd)

Nathalie Andersen (4th)


13-14 Boys

Xavier Graham (1st)

Thomas Eggenberger (2nd)

Chase Johnsen (3rd)

Mitchell Eggenberger (4th)

Todor Dimitrov (5th)

Johnathan Cassady (6th)


15 & Over Girls

Hanna Armstrong (1st)

Samantha Dimmer (2nd)

Erin McAllister (3rd)


15 & Over Boys

Jake Beauchamp (1st)

Gavin Blake (2nd)

Nick Swaya (3rd)