Swim Team News


Swim Team News 7/15/12


Team Pictures

Team pictures will be taken before the Sheridan Beach meet. Please meet on the upper grass area at 4:45pm. The Aqua Squad will be passing out free Aqua Club tattoos for every swimmer. Additional tattoos will be available for sale in the office.


Pancake Breakfast

Our annual Pancake Breakfast is Tuesday, July 24th. If you have an frying pan (and spatula), we’d love to borrow it. We also still need a few more volunteers to help out.


Help at Meets

One more home dual meet! Sheridan Beach visits us on Tuesday.

Please remember to sign up to help! We especially need second half timers and a few more workers to help line kids up at the clerk of course.


Clerk of Course

Remember to have your swimmers (young and old) check in with the clerk of course two events (not heats) prior to their race. Having all of the kids organized and ready before they get to the blocks will help to move our meets along smoothly.


Prelims Heat Sheet Advertising

This year Aqua Club is hosting the Northern Division Boys Prelims. We’ll also be selling ads in the heat sheet. Your ad will reach close to 500 families – all swimming families just like you - from the north end of Seattle. Proceeds will benefit the swim team. More information, including rates, will follow later this week.


Swim Lessons/Race Classes/Clinics

Be sure to sign up your swimmer for swim lessons, race classes, and Saturday clinics!

•Swim lesson instructors are fantastic and ready to help.

•Race classes are available as one or two week sessions.

•Saturday Clinics emphasize diving, turns, and strokes.


Lost & Found 

There have been a number of team suits living in our lost-and-found. Please check with your swimmer to see if one of them is yours. Remember to put your name on the tag! If you have a young male swimmer, please double check that they have the correct suit. We’re missing a size 26 with “Wagner” written on the inside tag.


Banquet – 8/8

Help needed to plan this event! Please let us know if you are interested in organizing this annual fun and memorable evening.


Prelims/B-Champs – A Tutorial

At the finish of the dual meet season, all swimmers are eligible to participate in the championship season. Swimmers that reach a qualifying time standard swim at the Division Preliminaries. Those who haven't reached a qualifying time swim at the B-Championship meet. Results from B-Champs can move a swimmer into prelims if it betters the prelim standard.

The fastest six swimmers in each event at the Prelims move on to the Northern Division Finals. To qualify for the All-City Meet, a swimmer's time at Northern Division is compared to the Southern Division results. The fastest six results, regardless of North or South affiliation, are entered in the All-City Championship meet.

*All swimmers participating in prelims must be available to swim at the All-City Championship meet.


Timing System – A Note From Dan Comden (Master Timer)


Hello Aqua Club Parents!

We appreciate your willingness to assist with timing during swim meets. Without your help, we could not operate our home events. There appears to have been some confusion about our new timing system and watches and this will hopefully clear up any questions.


Our new wireless stopwatches should increase accuracy and result in more uniform timing. However they work differently than stopwatches you have used in the past. They are remotely reset so the reset button on these watches performs differently than you may have experienced with classic stopwatches. Typically you will only use the reset button in one case: after the start of a race when there is no swimmer in your lane.


Paying attention is still an important trait of a good timer. Your focus must be on the swimmer in your lane as they are finishing in order to hit the button precisely when they touch the wall.


If you helped as a timer in the last couple of years, these new watches are similar to the pickle buttons we have used in the past, which were activated only when the swimmer in your lane finished.


As the watches are all started simultaneously when the starter begins the race, you only need to stop the watch when the swimmer in your lane finishes. There is a split function that allows you to press the button during the race. If this is done (on purpose or accidentally), press the black button again and the watch should display running time (also represented by the clock icon in the upper right of the display). No time will be lost. Just be sure to stop the watch when the swimmer in your lane finishes. Be careful not to hit the button after the race finishes or a new later time will be recorded on your watch for that lane and swimmer.

Timing Basics

1. Do not press any button at the start of the race.

2. Press either black button when the swimmer finishes their race.

3. If you accidentally hit the black button before the swimmer finishes, DO NOT PANIC, just hit the button again to exit split mode and then press the button when the swimmer finishes.

4. Do not press Reset after the swimmer finishes.

5. Do not press the black button again after the finish -- a new later time will be recorded if you do.

6. Press reset AFTER the race start if there is no swimmer in your lane. If you do this by mistake, hit the black button to resume timing.


If you notice your watches are running before the race begins, do not panic, it will reset when the race begins. DO NOT PRESS RESET before the race start.