January Challenge


January Challenge
450 swimmers (167 of them from BCST) competed in the January challenge 1/16-18 at Hazen high school in Renton. The unusually high number of swimmers made for long sessions. Those families who had swimmers in both sessions were there from 8 in the morning to seven at night.   Despite the long sessions, the swimmers showed few signs of fatigue, or rust left over from the holiday season. 33 BCST swimmers had best times in all of their events. Several others had great meets, as well, gaining personal bests and pns and sectional time standards. 
Thanks to all the parents for hanging in there over the course of the long weekend, and congratulations to the BCST swimmers for a great weekend of swimming!
Listed below are swimmers who achieved best times in all their events:
Jane Andersen
Natalie Andersen
Paloma Baca
Michael Badiozamani
Luke Beauchamp
Kara Bradford
Anastasia Bondarenko
Julia Brandabur
Madeline Browne
Will Bush
Sophia Coco
Marley Cross
Noah Cross
Danielle Deiparine
Todor Dimitrov
Michelle Francois
Megan Gass
Cymi Giri
Nisha Giri
Katie Groesbeck
Austin Gu
Kunal Gupta
Rahul Gupta
Andrew Hanson
Ryan Leslie
Maegan Manning
James Markwith
Christina McDermott
Michael Peck
Coy Stocks
Derek Wei
Spencer Weiskopf
Emma Wrightson
Jamie Zheng