Summer Grand Challenge Delivers 'Special' Results

Summer Grand Challenge 7/21-22


While many on the BCST roster competed at Midlakes Champs, a small but determined group of swimmers headed across the ferries toward Port Orchard for this year’s Summer Grand Challenge swim meet, held at South Kitsap High School Pool, and Hosted by Tacoma Swim Club. 


Cassie Burgess and Martin Wu were Bellevue Club’s stars at this meet, taking first place in each of the events they competed in. Nolan Manning had a strong meet as well, finishing with three first place finishes.  Emma Wineland earned a first place finish as well in the 50 back. Several others had outstanding swims, with 8 swimmers having 100% best times.


For a number of BCST swimmers, this was the last meet of the 2011-2012 season. The coaching staff would like to congratulate them on completing another season with the club, and commend them on all the hard work they have put in over the course of the year. 


Great job swimmers!!!


100% Best Times


Lindy Gibson

Kaitlyn Girotto

Meredith Konig

Tiffany Li

Lindsay Metz

Jamie Paik

Valentina Sakellariadis

Emma Wineland


Top Eight Finishers


Cassie Burgess (1st 200 IM, 200 back, 100 back)

Kian Cooney (6th 50 back, 7th 50 free)

Lindsay Doherty (3rd 50 free, 6th 100 free, 50 breast)

Alex Klinck (4th 50 fly)

Alice Li (3rd 200 breast, 4th 200 IM, 7th 100 free)

Tiffany Li (3rd 50 free, 7th 50 breast, 8th 100 free)

Nolan Manning (1st 100 breast, 200 IM, 100 fly, 2nd 200 back, 4th 50 free, 5th 200 free)

Lindsay Metz (2nd 50 fly, 6th 200 IM)

Jamie Paik (5th 50 free, 6th 50 back)

Kara Spencer (2nd 100 back, 3rd 100 breast)

Izzy Voight (4th 200 IM)

Emma Wineland (1st 50 back, 2nd 50 free, 4th 100 free)

Martin Wu (1st 200 free, 200 fly, 100 breast, 200 back, 100 free)