KING Aquatic Club Sets PNS 4x200 Freestyle Record at Juniors - Day Three


Hannah Weiss (KING) finished in a sixth place tie in the women's 100 meter butterfly with a personal best time of 1:01.48. The time is a National Winter Standard and ranks twelfth in the country for sixteen year old girls.

Thane Maudslien (KING) tied for eleventh place in the men's 100 meter butterfly with a clocking of 55.74. The time is a National Winter Standard.

The team of Tommy Thach, Logan Rysemus, Thane Maudslien, and Zachary Wagner combined their efforts to established a Pacific Northwest Swimming record in the men's 800 meter freestyle relay in a time of 7:38.80. The previous record was 7:42.27 set in 2009 by the Bellevue Club Swim Team. The quartet placed third in the overall rankings in the event. The individual splits were Thach (1:54.97), Rysemus (1:56.62), Maudslien (1:51.41), and Wagner (1:55.80). The relay time is a National Winter Standard. Thach's leadoff swim ranks tenth in the country for fifteen year old boys.

In the team points race, KING is in eighth place in the men's division with 67.5 points and twelfth place in the women's division with 34.5 points. Bellevue Club Swim Team has 22 points in the women's division for 24th place and the men have four points for 59th place.



Women's 400 meter freestyle: 61st Joanna Wu (KING) 4:29.59.

Men's 400 meter freestyle: 50th Steve Sholdra (BC) 4:06.48

Women's 100 butterfly: 7th Hannah Weiss (KING) 1:01.77 (Winter National Standard); 33rd Kalena Laurent (BC) 1:03.20; 37th Heidi Vanderwel (KING) 1:03.29; 63rd Kim Williams (BC) 1:04.87; 74th Grace Wold (KING) 1:06.38.

Men's 100 butterfly: 12th Thane Maudslien (KING) 55.72 (Winter National Standard); 28th Logan Rysemus (KING) 56.59; 57th Ed Kim (BC) 57.27; 61st Mathias Oh (KING) 57.36; 89th Alec Barnard (BC) 58.13.

Finals Heat Sheet

Time Trials:

200 meter freestyle: Todd McCarthy (UN-BC) 1:59.20.

400 meter freestyle: Sam Petrini (OCA) 4:20.17.

100 meter butterfly: Ashlety Sutherland (KING) 1:07.75.