Spring Championship Meets & Which to Sign Up For

End of Season Team Championship Meets

The end of season Team Championship meets are coming up soon, so just to clear up any confusion about which meet you should attend, read the below information.
The end of year Team Championship meets are the culmination of a season’s hard work. We expect all BCST swimmers to participate in the meet that is appropriate for them.

There are 3 meets that swimmers have a chance to participate in, Sr. Sectionals, Age Group Sectionals, and the Spring Grand Pentathlon. No one on the BCST is without a championship meet.

  • SR Sectionals has qualifying standards. If you are age 15 and older and you’ve qualified for one Senior Sectional event, this automatically disqualifies you from participating in Age Group Sectionals. Swimmers 14 & U with Senior Sectionals qualifications may participate in Age Group Sectionals.
  • Age Group Sectionals has qualifying standards as well. For all swimmers, including 10 & U’s, if you have qualified for Age Group Sectionals, sign up for that meet only.  Although 10 & U swimmers with Age Group Sectionals cuts are eligible to enter the Spring Grand Pentathlon we prefer that you don’t, as it defeats the spirit and purpose that particular meet serves.
  • All swimmers who have not qualified for either the Age Group Sectionals or Senior Sectionals should enter the Spring Grand Pentathlon.
The dates and deadlines of each meet are:
  • Senior Sectionals (3/11-15) entries due: 2/23
  • Spring Grand Pentathlon (3/21) entries due: 3/2
  • Age Group Sectionals (3/27-29) entries due: 3/9