Feb Chall Mt and Travel Info


February Challenge Meet:  February 7-8
Bainbridge Island
Hosted by Bainbridge Island Swim Club
Re:         Timeline and travel suggestions
The Timeline, Ferry schedule and other info is posted on our website: see  Meet Info February Challenge. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the links.
Some of you may be planning to drive, but you can also take the Bainbridge Island Ferry. The ferry takes about 35 minutes, from the ferry dock in Bainbridge it takes 5-minutes to get to the pool.
The coaches recommend the Ferry ride: take the 7:55am ferry for the first session each day and the 12:20pm ferry for the 2nd session each day. You will get to the pool about 10 minutes into the warm-up time but we are fine with that. The coaches are planning to take those ferries! Keep in mind the ferry lines!!
Have a great meet and a fun trip!