Premiere "Open Water Championships" Held at Lake Angle

Pacific Northwest Swimming held their premiere “Open Water Championships” on Saturday, September 25, 2012 at Angle Lake in Sea-Tac. A total of 25 swimmers competed in three events – 500 yard Sprint (12 and under), One Mile Swim (11 and over), and the Two Mile Swim (13 and over). A total of ten meet records were set - the winners of each category set the meet record. Many thanks go to Valley Aquatics for hosting the event in conjunction with Blue Wave Aquatics (Masters).


500 Yard Sprint

Girls 10 and under: Ellie Bailey (BC).

Girls 11-12: Carolyn Hare (VAST) 7:45.4; Genevieve Tucker (VAST).

One Mile Swim

Girls 11-12: Mikaela Miele (VAST) 24:29.4; Meghann McLaughlin (VAST); Athena Petterson (UN-TSC); Alexis Nims (WEST); Rhea Barbosa (TSC); Justine Teoh (WEST).

Boys 11-12: Jon Cook (WEST) 25:46.1.

Boys 13-14: Espen Hellevik (BC) 26:02.5.

Girls 15 and over: Felicity Speirs (SA) 23:26.6, Brittney Tourigny (SA), Haley Beranbaum (SRST).

Boys 15 and over: Alex Baier (VAST) 23:08.4.

Two Mile Swim

Boys 13-14: Matt Creagan (WEST) 51:05.5.

Girls 15 and over: Alyssa Cook (KING) 42:22.0; Alyssa White (WEST).

Boys 15 and over: Tommy Thach (KING) 39:31.1; Erik Fulmer (KING; Donald Stipe (KING); Matt Williamson (WEST); Thane Maudslien (KING); Conner McGinnis (WEST), Spencer Berry (KING).