KING Tops PNS VCC Rankings for 2011-2012

King Aquatic Club tops the Pacific Northwest Swimming “Virtual Club Championship” listings for the 2011-2012 short course and long course season. Bellevue Club Swim Team and Issaquah Swim Team rank second and third respectively for both courses.

King Aquatic Club ranks 18thin the nation for short course yards and 14thfor long course meters listings. Bellevue Club Swim Team ranks 37th(SCY) and 28th(LCM) while Issaquah Swim Team ranks 115th(SCY) and 94th(LCM).

For the first time, PNS had two teams accumulate over 200,000 points in the long course meter rankings – KING 223,341 and BC 200,205. Also of note is that Bainbridge Island Swim Club surpassed 100,000 points in both short and long course listings for the first time.

Curl-Burke Swim Club (now known as Nation’s Capital Swim Club) of Potomac Valley ranks first in the nation with 256,503 (SCY) and 248,856 (LCM).

The purpose of the VCC is to recognize and highlight clubs that are developing athletes and achieving success at multiple levels in the club swimming continuum emphasizing the team element in club swimming. This program serves as a key part of the Athlete Development & Performance component of the Club Recognition Program.

The Virtual Club Championships are tabulated annually for both the short course and long course seasons. Both Short Course Yard (SCY) and Long Course Meter (LCM) rankings will be tabulated using results achieved between September 1 and August 31 of each year

Each team will be limited to two entries per event by age group and gender. Each swimmer will be limited to four events. A swimmer may contribute only four times per season even if they age up (i.e. may have two times selected as an 11-year old and two as a 12-year old, but not four as an 11-year old and four as a 12-year old). The program will automatically tabulate events in combination with other teammates produce the highest team score.