BCST Blue / Orange Meet shows early season form!!

Blue/Orange Meet

September 30th, 2012


It was a crisp, sunny Sunday Morning.  BCST swimmers, coaches, and parents arose out of bed for the first of what will be, in the months that lay ahead, the first of many weekend days spent at a swim meet.  On this morning, however, stakes seemed a little higher than normal…..


On September 30th, BCST kicked off another season with the annual Blue/Orange Swim Meet.  Once again pitting pupil against master, the Blue team was coached by the pupil Andy Pym, while the Orange team was led by the master and PNS Hall of Famer Klaas Schenk.  Rounding out the staff for the Blue were Dwayne Stewart, and Kerry Tannhauser, and Marissa Chang, while the Orange team staff was filled out by Dwight Anderson, Andrew Nguyen, and Brett Bogachus.


Despite the obvious coaching advantage on the Orange side, the Blue team pulled off the upset for the second straight year.  Questions were raised, however, when Blue coach Andy Pym was seen tampering with computer equipment before the meet, and subsequently announcing (without explanation) that the meet needed to be “reseeded” and heat sheets needed to be “reprinted”.  While no proof of tampering could be proven, the situation raised more than a few eyebrows. Following the meet Andy could not be reached for comment, having made a quiet but hasty exit. 


Despite the controversy surrounding the event, several BCST swimmers shined in their return to the pool.  Nearly 60 swimmers had 100% best times.  New BCST swimmers made quite the positive first impression.  Dozens of gold, PNS, and Regional qualifying times were achieved.  A few individuals stood out especially: Morgan Ciliv made a triumphant return to BCST after a two year absence, impressing in all of his races, but especially the 1:02.62 time he posted in his 100 breast.  Great to have you back Morgan! Three newcomers, Alice Decouteau (11 years), Ivan Graham (12), and Dave Makhervaks (14) walked away with high point honors for their respective age groups. Great to have you all on the team!


Thank you to the BCST booster club for another great meet, and to all the parents who volunteered their time to help make this meet happen.  Thank you especially to Pat Deiparine and Connie Sholdra for their work as Meet Director and Meet Referee. Great job done by both of you!!!



High Point Award Winners:



Seven and Under:

Megan Lei

Jacob Lee


Eight Year olds:

Courtney Cross

Ben Kolpa


Nine Year Olds:

Kylie Doan

Nathan Quarterman


Ten Year Olds:

JJ Conger

Finn Heneghan


Eleven Year olds:

Alice DeCoteau

Nick Elizarov


Twelve Year Olds:

Carly Tudor

Ivan Graham


Thirteen Year Olds:

Shannon Cassady

Ryan Kinnear


Fourteen Year Olds:

Elisa Fang

Dave Makhervaks


Fifteen and Over:

Kim Williams

Ed Kim



100% Best Times


Michael Badiozamani             Austin Barnard                       Eleanor Casey

Lydia Choi                              Morgan Ciliv                           Emma Conger

JJ Conger                                Stella Cross                             Anna Doherty

Tatum Doke                            Jacqueline Doud                     Jenna Frazer

Alma Freeman                         Amelia Girotto                        Kaitlyn Girotto

Collin Grouws                         Kunal Gupta                           Jake Headrick

Colten Henry                          Jacob Hepp                             Hanako Hirai

Philip Howard                         Meredith Konig                      Simon Kwon

Ben Lall                                  Katie Lowell                           Megan Lowell

Linnea Luthra                         James Markwith                      Ella Martinez

Lucie Mowat                           Eve Muratore                          Mari Nielsen

Audrey Oakes                         Jamie Paik                               Michelle Park

Maithili Patel                           Veda Patel                              William Paxton

Leeza Polyakova                     Nikita Polyakova                    Sean Ponich

Dan Prang                               Luca Pungan                           Jaime Reid

Jake Renager                           Michael Simpson                     Lily Siripipat

Sarah Smith                             Quinn Taylor                           Joelle Tudor

Meghan Waiss                         Sarah Walsh                            Peter Wang

Anna Wohlman                       Barrett Wohlman                    Evy Wohlman

Austin Wong                           Markus Zimmerman