PNS Record Set; National Top Ten

Ten year old Ethan Dang of King Aquatic Club set a new PNS record in the boys ten and under 100 yard breaststroke at the November Age Group Invitational at the Dick Hannula Pool in Tacoma Washington. Dang's time of 1:11.14 bettered his previous mark that was set in October.

Nineteen swimmers from the Pacific Northwest have established National Top Ten times thus far in the 2012-2013 season. December marks the halfway point of the short course season with many LSC and National Championships taking place. Rankings of reported times through November 24 include:

G11 – Isabel Chien (KING) – 9th50 fly.

G11 – *Gabby Dang (WAVE) – 8th50 free; 1st50 back; 1st50 fly.

G11 –  *Bindi Pedersen (MMSC) – 8th50 free; 6th500 free; 2nd50 back; 7th100 back; 8th50 breast; 2nd100 breast; 5th200 breast; 5th100 i.m.; 1st200 i.m.;  1st400 i.m.

G11 – *Emily Zacharias (WWA) – 10th200 free; 2nd500 free; 6th400 i.m.

G12 – *Lia Campbell (BISC) – 2nd50 free; 1st100 free; 8th500 free; 6th1000 free; 6th1650 free; 8th100 fly; 5th100 i.m.

G12 – Gabby Dang (WAVE) – 4th100 back.

G12 – Bindi Pedersen (MMSC) – 4th400 i.m.

G14 – Jocelyn Crawford (CAAT) – 8th100 breast.

G14 – Elisa Fang (BC) – 8th 50 free.

G14 – Sabrina Kwan (OCA) – 6th100 fly.

G15 – Kim Williams (BC) – 3rd100 breast; 3rd200 i.m.

G16 – Anna Keane (BC) – 6th50 free; 4th100 free.

G16 – Carolyn McCann (TSC) – 5th100 breast.

G16 – Kenna Ramey (KING) – 8th50 free.

G17 – Felicity Cann (KING) – 10th200 free.

G17 – Kaela McKee (SRST) – 8th100 back.

G17 – Grace Wold – 4th200 i.m.

G18 – Katie Kinnear (IST-UCLA) – 4th100 back; 6th100 fly; 5th200 fly.

G18 – Joanna Wu (KING-Rutgers) – 9th100 back.


B11 – Garrett Waite (BISC) - 10th1000 free; 6th1650 free; 6th50 back; 5th100 back; 4th200 back; 3rd200 fly; 8th400 i.m.

B18 – Steve Sholdra (BC-Fordham) – 7th1650; 10th200 fly.


*Aged up

National Top 25 (Single Age) SCY - (UPDATED 11/24/2012)

50 free 500 free 50 back 50 breast 50 fly 100 i.m.
100 free 1000 free 100 back 100 breast 100 fly 200 i.m.
200 free 1650 free 200 back 200 breast 200 fly 400 i.m.