'Q & A' About Workshare!


BCST Workshare Q & A:
1.  We’ve had a couple questions about where to find the records of your workshare.  We plan to make that data available on a "one-click" basis, but for the time being, it’s still a little complicated.  To find your workshare records, follow these steps:
(1) Sign in to the BCST Site.
(2) Click on "My Invoice / Payments" (on the left side).
(3) Click on the "Volunteer Hours" tab. 

·         These three steps will get you to your workshare information. 


2.  We will send out an email stating when workshare sign-ups will go live on line.  To be consistent we will try to hold sign-ups to start on Tuesday at noon.

3.  We’re working to have all workshare data updated by 3-4 weeks after the event.  Please don’t expect your workshare information to be updated instantly!  If 4 weeks have passed since your workshare project has been completed and the information on the site is not correct, feel free to contact Connie Abell at .

4. Opportunities in the upcoming months:

MARCH DUAL MEET- looks to be full but people can check in with Clerk of Course to be put on a stand-by list in case someone doesn’t show up.  HOWEVER, this does not give workshare hours if you are not utilized.

SENIOR SECTIONALS AND AGE GROUP SECTIONALS- these are both qualifying meets but we (BCST) must provide timers for all days.  We are not hosting either meet; timing signups will go live Tuesday, March 3rd noon for Senior Sectionals, and Tuesday, March 10th noon for Age group sectionals.  Both these meets are in March.

MAY FLOWERS– This is a BCST hosted meet scheduled for May 2-3, Saturday and Sunday. Hundreds of hours are available, timing, concessions, staging, etc.

APPLE CAPITAL- travel meet to Wenatchee.  We need to provide timers and we need someone to be in charge of the picnic.  If you are interested in being in charge of the picnic contact Catherine Karwal.

SENIOR SEATTLE OPEN AND AGE GROUP SEATTLE OPEN- we provide timers.  These meets are not until July so there will be nothing posted yet.  

AWARDS BANQUET – workshare hours for volunteers will be posted on line, and email will be sent out when the sign ups go live.  Abbie Morris is in charge.

MONTHLY SWIM MEETS- Swim meets that the BCST attends but not hosting.  Check with the clerk of course to see if they need any volunteers, timers etc.  If you work, fill out a workshare form with the date/ meet/ times worked/ job and Clerk of Course Name, then turn in completed form to the swim team office for credit.
If you have any questions or issues with your workshare hours please contact Connie Abell at