Sutherland and Cook Advance to Finals at Junior Nationals

Ashley Sutherland and Alyssa Cook of King Aquatic Club advanced to the finals on Saturday at the Speedo Winter Junior Nationals In Knoxville, Tennessee. Sutherland qualified 12th in the 100 yard freestyle and Cook qualified 16th in the 200 yard breaststroke events.


Carolyn McCann, swimming Unattached for King Aquatic Club, placed tenth in the 100 yard breaststroke on Friday, December 7th. McCann's time of 1:02.49 in a personal best which ranks sixth on the PNS All Time Top 16 list. McCann's time also ranks third in the nation for 17 year old girls... Abrahm DeVine of Cascasde Swim Club placed 19th in the 400 yard individual medley with a time of 3:56.89. DeVine's time is a new PNS record which eclipses the time of 3:56.98 set by Wes Oliver of Bellevue Club in 1993. The time also ranks ninth in the nation for 16 year old boys... Chase Bublitz of Chinook Aquatic Club, placed 22nd in the 100 yard butterfly with a time of 49.87. Bublitz prelim time of 49.76 ranks tenth on the PNS All Time Top 16 list...Alyssa Cook of King Aquatic Club placed 20th in the 400 yard individual medley with a time of 4:21.97. Cook's time ranks tenth in the nation for 15 year old girls...


Chase Bublitz placed 18th in the 50 yard freestyle on Thursday, December 6th. Bublitz time was 20.92 just off his prelim time of 20.91 (personal best).


Saturday. December 8, 2012




Women’s 200 yard backstroke: 46th Emily Tanasse (KING) 2:02.63; 101st Alyssa Cook (KING) 2:05.49; 113th Abigail Sullivan (UN-TSC) 2:06.21.

Men’s 200 yard backstroke: 58th Ben Scott (TSC) 1:50.99; 61st Abrahm DeVine (CSC) 1:51.20.

Women’s 100 yard freestyle: 12th Ashley Sutherland (KING) 50.76; 77th Morgan Ginnis (WEST) 52.11.

Men’s 100 yard freestyle: 33rd Chase Bublitz (C) 46.46; 34th Tommy Thach (KING) 46.51.

Women’s 200 yard breaststroke: 16th Alyssa Cook (KING) 2:17.98; 29th Carolyn McCann (UN-KING) 2:19.21

Men’s 200 yard butterfly: 43rd Tommy Thach (KING) 1:52.64.



Friday, December 7, 2012




Women’s 4 x 50 yard medley relay: 19th King Aquatic Club (Emily Tanasse 27.12; Alyssa Cook 29.80, Kenna Ramey 25.58, Ashley Sutherland 23.27) 1:45.77. 

Women’s 400 yard individual medley: 26th Alyssa Cook (KING) 4:23.96; DQ Carolyn McCann (UN-KING). 

Men’s 400 yard individual medley: 24th Abrahm DeVine (CSC) 3:58.80. 

Women’s 100 yard butterfly: 93rd Emily Tanasse (KING) 57.46; 105th Kenna Ramey (KING) 57.74. 

Men’s 100 yard butterfly: 22nd Chase Bublitz (C) 49.76. 

Women’s 200 yard freestyle: 79th Ashley Sutherland (KING) 1:52.10; 92nd Morgan Ginnis (WEST) 1:53.00. 

Men’s 200 yard freestyle: 39th Tommy Thach (KING) 1:41.41. 

Women’s 100 yard breaststroke: 14th Carolyn McCann (UN-KING) 1:03.39; 68th Alyssa Cook (KING) 1:05.68. 

Men’s 100 yard breaststroke: 85th Tommy Thach (KING) 59.56. 

Women’s 100 yard backstroke: 99th Emily Tanasse (KING) 57.69; 107th Abigail Sullivan (UN-TSC) 57.91. 

Men’s 100 yard backstroke: 55th Ben Scott (TSC) 51.24; 74th Lindsay Cameron (KING) 51.76;

Women's 4 x 200 freestyle relay: 33rd King Aquatic Club (Alyssa Cook 1:54.45, Ashley Sutherland 1:51.52, Emily Tanasse 1:54.23, Kenna Ramey 2:01.75) 7:41.95.



Thursday, December 6, 2012




Women’s 4 x 50 yard freestyle relay: 21st King Aquatic Club (Kenna Ramey 24.19; Ashley Sutherland 23.11; Emily Tanasse 24.14; Alyssa Cook 24.60) 1:36.04. 

Women’s 200 yard individual medley: 60th Alyssa Cook (KING) 2:04.98; 61st Carolyn McCann (UN-KING) 2:05.12; 129th Ashley Sutherland (KING) 2:08.57. 

Men’s 200 yard individual medley: 38th Tommy Thach (KING) 1:51.77; 66th Abrahm Devine (CSC) 1:53.34; 99th Lindsay Cameron (KING) 1:54.61. 

Women’s 50 yard freestyle: 45th Ashley Sutherland (KING) 23.72; 73rd, Morgan Ginnis (WEST) 23.97; 125th Abigail Sullivan (UN-TSC) 24.52; DQ Kenna Ramey (KING. 

Men’s 50 yard freestyle: 16th Chase Bublitz (C) 20.91. 

Women’s 4 x 100 yard medley relay: 19th King Aquatic Club (Emily Tanasse 57.63; Alyssa Cook 1:04.36; Kenna Ramey 56.44; Ashley Sutherland 50.01) 3:48.44.