BCST Snow Schedule

The BCST Snow Schedule Policy

Once again it's that time when the snow season is ready to come rolling down from the 'Cascades'. Since there is a chance it will snow tonight we thought it might be best to familiarize everyone with the BCST snow policy. As in past years, in the case of school closures due to significant snowfall, our weekday training schedule will depend in part on the Bellevue School District Schedule.

For morning workouts

When the Bellevue School District (BSD) is on a ’Snow Policy Schedule’, i.e., delayed start of schools, the BCST will cancel the early morning workouts and possibly the afternoon schedule.   Please click on the BSD link below.

For afternoon workouts

Throughout the day continue to check our website (home page)  for updates and ‘make-up schedules’! If morning workouts are cancelled we will make every effort to make-up the morning workouts later in the day. It may take some time before we (the BC) can determine whether or not to schedule workouts.

AS ALWAYS.....use common sense to determine whether or not you can make the trip to and back from the BC for workouts.

For easy access click on:

Bellevue School District (BSD)                

National Weather Service (Seattle King County)