CLBMS, College Bound and Safe Sport Free Parent Training
Please note that College Bound has been added to the PN website and that we are eager to acknowledge and congratulate those seniors who would like to be added to the listing.
Send athlete name, USA member club, high school graduating from and college of choice to
Club Leadership and Business Management School - March 16, 2013 WKCAC Banquet Hall 9AM -4PM
Clubs who have sent RSVP to me previously, (BYST, AQUA, PASC, OAC, WWA, WEST, PSA and NWAC and any others who are interested) please be sure to e-mail Bill Krumm as per the attached flyer
as he would like your information no later than March 8. Thanks for those of you have committed to attend this class and as many are aware and noted on flyer is during Senior Sectionals, so please plan accordingly as parking "may" be tricky.
Safe Sport Free Parent Training - encourage your Club's parents to complete abuse awareness training.