10&UN Plus 11&UP Pentathlons Wrap Up The sc Season!!

10 & Under, 11 & Over Pentathlon 3/30/2013


BCST’s short course season wrapped up in fun and fast fashion, with both the 10 & Under Pentathlon, and the 11 & Over Pentathlon on March 30th at Hazen High School.  The hunt for a top 6 trophy always brings out the best in competition, and this was no exception.  23 BCST swimmers finished with 100% best times, while BCST took 54% of the top 6 finishes overall. 


Maithili Patel had herself quite a meet, while not only nabbing top honors for the 11 year old girls, but also picking up an 11 year old Regional qualifying time in the 100 IM along the way.  Congrats Maithili!!!  Also standing out were the Paik sisters, who represented their family proudly.  Lisa Paik took first for 13 year old girls (while also breaking 1:00 in the 100 free for the first time), while younger sister Jaime Paik took second in the 11 year old girls category.


All in all, it was another fun day at the swimming pool.  Congratulations BCST swimmers for not only a great meet, but also a great season!  Also, a big “THANK YOU!!!” to the BCST booster club for running another smooth, well run meet.  In particular, thank you to Meet Director Colleen Lowell and Meet Referee Tom Matthes for all their hard work.




Top 6 Pentathlon Finishers


8&Under Girls:

Kaitlyn Girotto (2nd)

Megan Lei (3rd)

Anna Doherty (4th)

Lily Siripipat (6th)


8&Under Boys:

William Chun (2nd)

Alvin Zhang (3rd)

Jacob Lee (5th)


9 Year Old Girls:

Amelia Girotto (1st)

Courtney Cross (3rd)

Ella Martinez (5th)

Diane Lee (6th)


9 Year Old Boys:

Alex Klinck (2nd)


10 Year Old Girls:

Eleanor Casey (2nd)

Linnea Luthra (3rd)

Leeza Polyakova (4th)


10 Year Old Boys:

Kian Cooney (2nd)

Alex Harrison (3rd)

Joseph Harrison (4th)

Max Groysman (5th)

Philip Howard (6th)


11 Year Old Girls:

Maithili Patel (1st)

Jaime Paik (2nd)

Emma Wineland (3rd)

Haley Kirtland (4th)

Lucie Mowat (5th)

Rea Agnihotri (6th)


11 Year Old Boys:

Gordon Kenny (1st)

JJ Davidson (2nd)

Justin Brunings (3rd)


12 Year Old Girls:

Izzy Voight (2nd)


12 Year Old Boys:

Colten Henry (1st)

Blake Ueda (2nd)

Graham Wrightson (3rd)


13 Year Old Girls:

Lisa Paik (1st)

Kayley Toefield (4th)

Abby Pana (6th)


13 Year Old Boys:

Ian Sherrer (1st)

Jake Renager (2nd)

Nathaniel Nichol (4th)

Owen Benda (6th)


14 Year Old Girls:

Sarah Harrison (1st)

Alice Li (4th)

Jamie Reid (5th)


14 Year Old Boys:

Todor Dimitrov (1st)

Nolon Manning (2nd)

Brandon Wong (4th)


100% Best Times

Joseph Anderson

Owen Benda

Riley Bruner

Jaeyoung Choi

William Chun

Chris Freese

Kaitlyn Girotto

Max Groysman

Kunal Gupta

Finn Heneghan

Colten Henry

Kate Jacobsen

Jack Jones

Joey Kahn !!!!!!

Gordon Kenny

Jeonghya Kim

Jaime Paik

Lisa Paik

Kevin Sato

Gihoe Seo

Emma Wineland

John Zhu

Ryan Wright