Small Squad Shows Up Big in Canada!

  Small squad has big showing in Canada!


24 swimmers represented BCST and delivered outstanding performances all weekend for their first long-course meet of the season! The weather was great and so were the swims as BCST earned 9th place at the WAVEMAKER Meet in Victoria BC, starting off their long-course season with a bang and creating another competition venue for the team in April.

The swimmers posted an abundance of best times, had a great showing in finals, accumulated numerous meet records, and set five team records along the way, making this meet well worth the trip north to visit our Canadian neighbors. A highlight of the meet was when our National Anthem was played on Saturday for finals and Jake Headrick and Katie Cross proudly displayed the American Flag on their IPAD and IPHONE for all to see!

Thanks to Jennifer Headrick for organizing the team dinner; this was a nice way to finish off the evening on Saturday after finals as well as a great bonding experience for all who attended. The kids sure seemed to enjoy the fact that they had their own table, keeping themselves thoroughly entertained and definitely well fed as first time final swimming seemed to fuel unusually hearty appetites.

Overall this meet was a huge success and we look forward to going back in the future!

New team records:

Alma Freeman: 200 BK, 50 BK, 200 BR

Kaitlyn Girotto: 400 FR

Kevin Sato: 400 IM

Meet Records:

Both Nikita Polyakov and Alma Freeman left their mark in Canada after setting of multiple meet records during the meet!


Top Eight Finishers:

Ellie Bailey (6th 100 FR)

JJ Conger (2nd 50 FL, 5th 50 BR, 50 BK, 6th 100 BR)

Katie Cross (4th 50 BK, 6th 50 BR, 7th 50 FL)

Lindsey Doherty (2nd 50 FL, 4th 50 BR, 100 FR, 5th 50 BK, 100 BR)

Alma Freeman (1st 50 BR, 200 BK, 50 BK, 100 BR, 2nd 100 FR, 3rd 200 FR)

Amelia Girotto (5th 50 FL)

Jake Headrick (1st 50 BR, 2nd 200 FR, 3rd 100 BR, 4th 200 IM, 5th 100 FR, 50 BK)

Lucie Mowat (4th 50 BR, 5th 100 BR, 7th 50 BK)

Nikita Polykov (1st 50 BK, 100 BR, 50 FL)

Kevin Sato (3rd 200 FR, 4th 400 IM, 6th 50 FL, 7th 400 FR)

Rylee Siripipat (3rd 100 BR, 50 FL, 6th 50 BK, 8th 50 BR)

Blake Ueda (2nd 200 IM, 400 IM, 100 BR, 50 Fl, 3rd 200 BK, 100 FR)

100 % Best Times:

Ellie Bailey

JJ Conger

Katie Cross

Anna Doherty

Lindsey Doherty

Amelia Girotto

Annie Headrick

Megan Lowell

Lucie Mowat

Leeza Polyakova

Nikita Polyakov

Kevin Sato

Lily Siripipat

Rylee Siripipat

Katie Ueda

Phoebe Ueda