International Water Safety Day - May 15

International Water Safety Day is designed to educate the youth in becoming safer in and around the water while spreading global awareness of this ongoing pandemic.

With over 30,000 deaths monthly, the lack of water safety education has propelled drowning to the 3rd leading cause of accidental injury death worldwide.

Simple Lesson – Ten Water Safety Rules

International Water Safety Day (Sample)
Ten Water Safety Rules ( Download PDF Version)

1. Buddy Up – make sure you never swim alone
2. Know your limits – do not try to swim further than you are able to, or hold your breath
3. Swim in safe areas – only swim when a life guard is on duty
4. Life Jackets – wear a life jacket if you cannot swim and while on a boat
5. Cold and Ice are not nice – do not enter cold water and stay off ice
6. Reach or throw don’t go – to assist someone in trouble reach to them with a pole, broom or stick, you can also throw something such as a cooler or ball
7. Follow the rules – when swimming follow posted rules and warning flags
8. Never ever in bad weather – do not swim during storms
9. Feet first – never dive into shallow or unknown water
10. Learn to Swim!

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