Swim Team News 6/2/13



Swim Team News – June 2, 2013

Welcome to our new season. We’re off and running (or swimming). With so many new families this year, it’s been quite an experience just getting to know all of the new swimmers! We have close to 70 8 & under swimmers – many who are brand new to swim team. We’ll try and have at least four, and sometimes five, coaches on deck for the younger workouts.

Our total team numbers are already over 240. This is good news for both this year – and the future!

Workout Times –

Once we move to our day workouts (starting June 20) our practice times will be as follows –

7:15-8:15am             13 +
8:15-9:00am             11–12

9:00-9:45am             9-10

9:45-10:30am             7-8
10:30-11:00am             5–6


Some dates to remember

June 8 (Saturday) – Time Trials II

June 15 (Saturday) – Time Trials III

June 19 (Wednesday) – Time Trials IV

June 25 (Tuesday) – Mini Meet (Swimmers not going to Sheridan Beach)

June 26 (Tuesday) – First Meet!

Please try and attend at least one of the Time Trials. We like to have an initial time for your swimmer in all of the events.  Some of the first year swimmers are not required to swim every stroke.


Sheridan Beach Meet & Home “Mini-Meet”

Our first meet this year is at Sheridan Beach on June 27. Because Sheridan only has a 4-lane pool, we will only be traveling with part of our team. The rest of our swimmers will participate in a “mini-meet” here on June 25th. The coaches will be contacting most of our 8U, 10U, & 12U swimmers to clarify which meet they will be attending. Most of our 5, 6, and 7-year old swimmers and our newer 9,10,11,and 12-year old swimmers may find our “mini-meet” to be a great way to start the season. We will start at 7:15pm. Kids should arrive by 6:45pm for warm-up. All participants will have the opportunity to swim up to four events, including relays. We’ll have ribbons on snacks as well.

Swimmers attending the Thursday away meet at Sheridan Beach will have 1, 2, 3, or 4 events (including relays), depending on the numbers of swimmers in their age group.


Missing Meets– We’ll post our “missing meet” forms next week on the white board near the men’s locker room. Please mark the meets you are not participating in. You may also request either early or late events.

Saturday Stroke Clinics– Our first clinic had over 40 participants! We’ll have five more classes this year. Sign up in the office to reserve your spot.

6/22 - Diving/Starts

6/29 - Diving/Starts

7/13 – Turns/Technique

7/20 – Strokes/Race Strategies

7/27 - Strokes/Race Strategies


Race Classes/Swim Lessons– Many swim team members still participate in either swim lessons or race classes. While we do try and cover all of the strokes and skills in workout, the smaller class sizes of our lesson program (and our great instructors) can really make a difference. Check with any of the coaches or office staff about which lesson your child should sign up for.


Dues Reminder -

Pay by June 15 to receive a discount off of your swim team fees.

Early payment dues are $100 per swimmer or $250 per family.

Regular fees are $120 per swimmer or $275 per family.


Email Addresses– If you want notices sent to a different email, or to additional addresses, please log into our website and make changes, or send a message back to me at Also, if you know anybody that we’ve missed on this distribution list, please let us know.

If you have any questions whatsoever about our team please feel free to ask!


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