Cactus Classic



24 pasty white Bellevue Club swimmers attended the Cactus Classic in Scottsdale Arizona, May 23rdthrough the 26th.  This meet attracted some of the best talent in the Phoenix area, like heavy weight teams Scottsdale Aquatic Club and Phoenix Swim Club.  World ranked swimmers like Olympian Roland Schoeman and Noriko Inada were in attendance as well.

Undaunted, the BCST swam exceptionally well for this early in the season.  Every swimmer who attended qualified for finals in at least one event, and five came away with individual titles.  Congratulations to Alec Barnard (200 Fly), Ed Kim (50 Back), Kalena Laurent (200 Fly), Johnnie Stupey (400 IM), and Kim Williams (400 IM, 100 Breast, and 200 IM) on winning their events.

Highlight of the meet was awarded to Morgan Ciliv, who was uncharacteristically late to his event.  They had already started the race and I was noticing that he was absent from his lane, when a streaking blonde figure caught my eye.  It was Morgan and he’ll be damned if he’s going to miss his race.  Morgan launched himself from behind the block in lane 6, clearing lane 7, and landing in his appointed lane 8.  Spotting the field with a 3 second advantage he almost swam them down.  Too bad he was disqualified, but it still made for great entertainment.

A special thank you to Linda Stanchi for once again doing a marvelous job of chaperoning and taking care of the swimmers.  It can be a thankless job and we really appreciate all the efforts she put in to making this a great experience for the swimmers as well as making my life easier.