SAVE Juanita POOL!
There is a Board meeting on 8/5/2013 where Juanita Pool will be discussed...
Juanita Pool is again under threat of being closed. If it is closed it will mean the end of swimming in Northshore SD and Lake Washington SD. Kingco would lose 7 high schools in swim and dive.
Yesterday, launched and apparently has over 1000 "Likes" in less than 24 hours. It appears to be student led. There's definitely support for the pool.
Please read below and go to for more details.
Lake Wash School District is proposing a Bond for public vote in February 2014. If the Bond passes (as it is currently written) Juanita High School will be "modernized and expanded" BUT THE POOL WILL BE CLOSED.  The District needs to fully disclose its plans for the pool in any Bond presented to the public. 
We save the pool by showing the District we have an organized plan.
Step 1. On each Monday (7/22, 7/29, and 8/5) email the Board members and Superintendent with a common message: include clear plans to keep Juanita Pool open in the Bond language so that the swimming community can unite to pass the Bond.
Tracy Pierce, (Superintendent)
Nancy Bernard, (School Board President)
Siri Bliesner, (School Board Member)
Jackie Pendergrass, (School Board Member)
Christopher Carlson, (School Board Member)
Doug Eglington, (School Board Member)
Step 2. Come to the Board meeting in person on August 5th at the District office. Don't worry if you're too shy to speak, your presence will make a statement. We will have designated speakers to speak out for the group."