Swim Team News 7-22-13


Swim Team News 7/22/13


Team Pictures

Team pictures will be taken before the Wedgwood meet. Meet on the upper grass area at 4:45pm. Please don’t be late!


Help at Meets

One more home dual meet! Wedgwood visits us tomorrow (Tuesday).

Please remember to sign up to help. We especially need second half timers and a few more workers to help line kids up at the clerk of course. Log in to the Aqua Club website and look under the swim team events tab. There is a job sign up tab in the upper right corner. I’ll also print a list to hang at the pool.


North Finals Heat Sheet Advertising

This year Aqua Club is hosting the Northern Division Finals (8/1). We’ll also be selling ads in the heat sheet. Your ad will reach close to 400 families – all swimming families just like you - from the north end of Seattle. Proceeds will benefit the swim team. Please contact Pete Colellafor more information.


Lost & Found 

There have been a number of team suits and team gear living in our lost-and-found. Please check with your swimmer to see if one of them is yours. Remember to put your name on the tag


More Great Meets!

We had two great showings again last week. Our team spirit and speed was on display at Sand Point. We started strong and our momentum carried all the way to the very end of the meet. It was one of our finest showings in recent years! We also swam well against Innis Arden. The number of personal best times we’ve been attaining is unbelievable. All of the kids hard work is really paying off!


Prelims/B-Champs – A Tutorial

At the finish of the dual meet season, all swimmers are eligible to participate in the championship season. Swimmers that reach a qualifying time standard swim at the Division Preliminaries. Those who haven't reached a qualifying time swim at the B-Championship meet. Results from B-Champs can move a swimmer into prelims if it betters the prelim standard.

The fastest six swimmers in each event at the Prelims move on to the Northern Division Finals. To qualify for the All-City Meet, a swimmer's time at Northern Division is compared to the Southern Division results. The fastest six results, regardless of North or South affiliation, are entered in the All-City Championship meet.

*All swimmers participating in prelims must be available to swim at the All-City Championship meet.