Blue/Orange 2013

Blue/Orange Meet 9/29/13

The Blue team continued its reign of dominance over the Orange team, winning for the third straight year at this year’s Blue/Orange Classic. Both teams performed admirably, but in the end the Blue team’s superior depth proved too much to overcome, as they pulled away for a 4,638-4,493 victory.

So the Blue Staff (Andy Pym, Andrew Nguyen, Dwayne Stewart, Marissa Chang) gets bragging rights for yet another year, while the Orange Staff (Klaas Schenk, Dwight Anderson, Janna Hagensick, Danielle Palumbo) must endure the sting of defeat for at least one more season.   

Kids demonstrated all day long how far they have come since the end of last year’s short course season.  38 kids came away with 100% best times, while already swimmers piled up Gold, PNS, and even Regional time standards.  Even though several swimmers have only been in the water for a few weeks, BCST showed little signs of rust.  Looks like it’s going to be another great year for BCST!!!

Thank you to the BCST booster club, as well as all the parent volunteers for all their hard work in putting on this fun event.  Two very special “thank you’s” go out to Laurie Raisys for her work as Meet Director and to Connie Sholdra for shouldering the responsibilities of Meet Referee. 


Quadathlon First Place Finishers:

7 Year Olds:
Girls:  Lily Siripipat
Boys:  Jacob Lee
8 Year Olds:
Girls:  Kaitlyn Girotto
Boys:  Christian Koh
9 Year Olds:
Girls:  Ella Martinez
Boys:  Matthew Kwon
10 Year Olds:
Girls:  Lindsey Doherty
Boys:  Nathan Lee
11 Year Olds:
Girls:  JJ Conger
Boys:  Brian Kim
12 Year Olds:
Girls:  Mari Nielsen
Boys:  Phillip Wang
13 Year Olds:
Girls:  Kellen Gibson
Boys:  Henry Lucco
14 Year Olds:
Girls:  Christina Domanowski
Boys:  Thomas Eggenberger
15 and Over:
Girls:  Elisa Fang
Boys:  Todd McCarthy
100% Best Times:
Sam Berde
Madeline Browne
Lydia Choi
Sophia Coco
Emma Conger
Katie Cross
Stella Cross
Sydney Draper
Mitchell Eggenberger
Jack Feller
Kaitlyn Girotto
Nolan Haeger
Annie Headrick
Ashley Heintz
Ayana Helevik
Mitsuki Ito
Gordon Kenny
Aspen Kroiss
David Lee
Jacob Lee
Nathan Lee
Sophia Lee
Linnea Luthra
Nika Makhervaks
Ella Martinez
Nathaniel Nichol
Sean Ponich
Killian Riley
Chris Sakellariadis
Lily Siripipat
Rylee Siripipat
Celia Steinhauer
Alison Tan
Phoebe Ueda
Nicholas Valdman
Sarah Walsh
Will Wick
Emma Wineland