Six Important Things You Need to Know Before Friday's First Practice

Six Important Things You Need to Know Before Friday’s First Practice

1.   Practice starts at 5:15 am sharpPancake breakfast to follow.

2.   Pick up you Apparel Order at Deuce between 10 am and 5 pm today or 10 am and 3 pm on Thursday.  Their store is located at 6300 Far Hills Avenue in Centerville right behind Elsa's Restaurant. Questions, contact Jason or Shaunda at 433-3023.  (This order is too large for us to pick up and bring to practice, so please pick up during these times.)

3.   Turn in all four Athletic forms (Emergency contact, Physical, Code of Conduct and Concussion) to the athletic office prior to the first practice.

4.   Make sure you have registered online and paid your team fees before Friday’s first practice (pay to play dues will be billed separately by the school sometime during the season).

5.   All swimwear ordered from Kastaway by the Oct. 10th deadline will be handed out at the first Friday morning practice.  If you still need an Elks suit (which is required for all swimmers and divers), please be sure to go to the apparel page in the Parent section of the website.

6. Transportation is provided by Centerville City Schools from the Rec Center to the High School on Friday mornings.  It will be Bus #80 and will pick up at the Rec Center at 7am.