Policy Update AD97-08

AD97-08 - Meet Entry Eligibility and Entry Times change approved at the PNS BoD Meeting Tuesday evening.

AD97-08 1.b.ii.  "The effective date of each participating swimmer's current registration, which shall be attested by the coach, club representative, parent, or athlete if age 18 or older, shall be on or before the first day of the meet." 

  • APPROVED CHANGE:  .....before the meet entry deadline.

See USA Swimming 302.1 REGISTRATION - all swimmers practicing with a member club or competing in events sanctioned by USA Swimming must be registered as athlete members of USA Swimming.  The Master Entry Summary which is to be to the meet host with payment by the meet entry deadline the following statement must be signed:  "I attest that all swimmers entered hereon are properly registered athlete members of USA Swimming, Inc." 

Note that the pre-meet exception report which is run after the meet hosts send the pre-meet backup, is the only way to cross check those entered in meets against the registration database.  Clubs have club portals which contain live data from the registration database and certainly are encouraged to double check registered athletes against meet entry submittal, but remind everyone that all swimmers practicing with your club are to be registered.