BCST Fall season Wrap Up - What's Next?

January 6th will be the first official day of the Winter/Spring Short Course season for BCST.  Sitting on the precipice of the next phase, I wanted to take the time to reflect on what has transpired in the last 4 months.

We started out last September with 315 swimmers, and have since grown to a little over 330 members.  We had 56 new members join the BCST this year, 34 of which have never been on a year round team before joining us, and 16 that had never been in a swim meet before.  I’m happy to say that all 16 swimmers have all now competed and experience the thrill of swimming/racing in a meet.

We offer a program that teaches values of accountability, responsibility, and respect.  We want swimmers to support one another as they work to improve themselves in the pool.  We stress the process, not the product, as being the important lessons learned here. And most importantly, we want it to be fun and enjoyable. 

Our goal is to develop swimmers for the long haul, with a sequential training group process that offers the appropriate amount of training and technique provided to the swimmers as they progress. College coaches have complimented us in that our swimmers are as well prepared any incoming freshman for success at the collegiate level. I credit that to our amazing staff, that has really bought into this philosophy.

So what has this philosophy provided us these past 4 months? At our Divisional championships, 124 BCST swimmers achieve a great 75.6% lifetime best swims. 26 BCST swimmers qualified for finals, the swimmers captured 20 individual event titles, and 4 swimmers won their age group’s pentathlon.

That same weekend we had 4 swimmers compete in the Short Course JR National Championship.  3 of the 4 qualified for finals, and the team ended up placing 21st overall, even with the small contingent.

The next weekend 96 BCST swimmers qualified to compete in the PNS 14 & Under championships, and they swam an amazing 75.9% lifetime best swims. 54 BCST swimmers placed in the top 16, the swimmers won 15 individual events and 4 relays, with one of the relays setting a new BCST and PNS record.  As a team we finished 2nd overall, with the boys placing 1st and the girls 2nd. And 5 BCST swimmers qualified for the PNS All Star team at this meet as well.

The following weekend 66 BCST swimmers participated in the WA State SR Championships.  The team swam at a very good 72.11% lifetime best swims. 32 swimmers placed in the Top 16 and the swimmers won 9 individual events. BCST as a team finished 2nd overall, with the boys placing 1st and the girls 2nd

BCST Swimmers broke over 20 new team records in the short 4 month season.  One record was broken by 2 swimmers (8 & Under 50 Breast), and some of the broken record were over 20 years old.

BCST also received its highest ever ranking in the USA Swimming’s Virtual Club Championships of 19th, and was once again recognized as a Silver Medal Club.

We had 9 swimmers already sign with their colleges, 6 will be swimming Division 1, and all will be attending incredible academic institutions the likes of Harvard, Northwestern, Tufts, Pomona and West Point.  With 15 more HS Seniors still undecided, it will be exciting to learn where they will be attending school next year.

So what’s next?  It’s simple, we’re not going to rest on the laurels of our past successes.  It’s time for the coaches to evaluate their swimmer’s championship performances and make any necessary adjustments for continued successes.  I emphasize championship performances because that is the finished product of the season’s work. 

It’s also the time for swimmers to set new goals to conquer and adjust their commitment & efforts to meet the needs of those goals.  The coaches design the workouts and give feedback on technique and race results, but ultimately it’s up to the swimmers to put forth the effort in the practice, as well as apply the advice the coach is giving.

We will be having “State of the Union” group meetings in mid-January, so the coaches can touch base with the parents, talk about what they have been working on with the swimmers, what meets they will be attending, and what expectations they have for the swimmers and parents.

I am very pleased with our results, because they’ve been tremendous but I’m far from content.  We can do better.  A wise man once said “Show me a content man, and I’ll show you a failure.”  Let’s continue to strive for greater things.  Go BCST!