Concessions Donation List

 Happy New Year to all!

 As many of you know, these next few weeks of Swim/Dive season will be a bit of a whirlwind!  We will again host the Coaches’ Classic on January 18th and 19th; the GWOC Reserve meet on February 1st and Sectionals on February 7th and 8th.

We will be providing a hospitality room for coaches, officials and volunteers as well as running a concession stand for each of these events.

That being said, each athlete will be asked to make a contribution to these events.  Below is a list detailing who needs to bring what to the Classics meet next weekend.  If you have been asked to donate drinks, please, if at all possible, bring them to the Beavercreek meet on Friday.  I will be collecting them near the back door before the meet.

If your athlete’s name is not on this list, you will be asked to donate for GWOC reserve or Sectionals J.

Additionally, if anyone has any contacts/connections to people/businesses/restaurants who may be willing to donate food, please let me know.

Concessions at these meets is a nice fundraiser for the team and everyone’s help is appreciated.  If you have any questions please contact me at [email protected] or at 885-3657.

 Thanks in advance for your help!

 Terri Rodgers


 8 pack 20 oz. Gatorade (Not G2)

 Maddie Abuyuan

Julia Breitenstein

Trent Birch

Samantha Briggs

Sara Brothers

Alec Burch

Olivia Clement

Jacqueline Click

Sara Rado

Tommy Gamble

Shirley Jiang

Bridget Ryan

Valerie Gaulke

Taylor Goetz

Alice Graham

Elizabeth Combs


Case (24-30 pack) 16.9 oz water bottles

 Alex Dang

Ashley Davenport

Gabrielle Del Ghingaro

Chinyere Erondu

Morgan Glover

Thomas Hecker

Breonna Gillespie

Nicholas Gillespie

Samuel Cannon

Sethmini Rajaguru


6-8 pack Propel (20 oz?  I can’t remember offhand how they are packaged) - Not the sport cap variety.

 Isabella Riley

Abigail Robertus

Sarah Meyer

Emily Miske

Samuel Wiedeman

Robert Wilkens

Julianna Larkin

Taylor Marchal


 Fruit:  Please prepare the fruit as you would for fruit cups or salad and bring to the rec center Friday, January 17th after 5 or as early as possible on the 18th.

 Carly Cook:  2 pineapples

Aspen Dosland:  2 cantaloupes

Gabrielle Funia:  2 honeydew melons

Alessandra OHanna:  1 pineapple, 1 cantaloupe

Kathleen Fillingim:  3-4 pounds grapes


 Thanks Again For Your Donations!