BCST Wins Tri Meet



Another visit from our friends down south resulted in another fun tri-meet between BCST, Oregon City Swim Club, and Multnomah Aquatic Club.  Swimming with a few extra pounds of Christmas cookies still in their belly, BC swimmers competed well, completing the day with first place honors.  Following the meet, swimmers from all teams were treated to a pizza party, which by itself makes it a worthwhile day for most of the kids involved. 

Thank you to the BCST boosters for putting on another great event.  Thanks especially to Meet Director Colleen Pana, and Meet Referee Marianne Kersten for the extra work they put in.  Thank you also to all the parent volunteers who helped make the meet run so smoothly.

Great start to 2014, BCST!!!!


Top Three Finishers

Ellie Bailey (1st 50 free, 2nd 100 free)

Jimmy Butler (1st  200 IM)

Jonathan Butler (1st 100 IM)

Ariel Chang (3rd 100 IM)

Eric Chang (3rd 50 back)

Sophia Coco (1st 100 free, 3rd 200 free, 50 breast)

Emma Conger (1st 25 fly, 3rd 25 free)

JJ Conger (1st 50 breast, 50 fly, 3rd 50 free)

Courtney Cross (3rd 50 breast)

Katie Cross (3rd 100 free)

Stella Cross (1st 50 free, 100 free, 3rd 50 fly)

Ethan Dang (2nd 50 free)

Kylie Doan (1st 100 IM)

Lindsay Doherty (2nd 50 back)

Amelia Girotto (1st 50 fly, 2nd 50 free, 3rd 100 free)

Kaitlyn Girotto (1st 50 free, 2nd 25 free, 3rd 25 fly)

Gracie Hackworth (2nd 25 back)

Jake Headrick (3rd 100 free)

Reese Khosraw (1st 50 free)

Andrew Kim (1st 50 free, 50 fly, 100 free)

Brian Kim (1st 50 free, 100 free, 2nd 50 fly)

Alex Klinck (1st 50 back)

Christian Koh (1st 25 free, 25 fly, 50 free)

Krista Kroiss (3rd 200 IM, 50 back)

Diane Lee (1st 50 breast, 2nd 50 back)

Jacob Lee (2nd 25 fly, 25 back, 3rd 50 free)

Sophia Lee (3rd 100 breast)

Megan Lei (1st 25 free, 2nd 25 fly, 50 free)

Kynseth Mann (2nd 100 free, 3rd 50 free)

Ella Martinez (3rd 50 back)

Quinlan McCabe (3rd 25 breast)

Jaime Paik (2nd 50 free)

Sophie Peck (1st 25 back)

Luca Pungan (1st 50 breast, 3rd 50 free)

Killian Riley (2nd 50 free, 50 breast)

Kevin Sato (2nd 50 free, 100 free)

Gihoe Seo (1st 50 back, 2nd 50 breast)

Lily Siripipat (1st 25 breast, 3rd 50 free)

Riley Siripipat (2nd 50 breast, 50 fly)

Alison Tan (2nd 25 breast, 3rd 25 back)

Ethan Tan (3rd 50 breast)

Blake Ueda (3rd 200 IM)

Emma Wineland (1st 50 back)

Samantha Wineland (2nd 50 fly)

Joh Zhu (3rd 50 free)


100% Best Times

Reetu Agnihotri

Lucy Benda

Ariel Chang

Kelly Cho

Emma Conger

Tatum Doke

Gracie Hackworth

Annie Headrick

Ayana Hellevik

Finn Heneghan

Diane Lee

Megan Lei

Maegan Manning

Olivia Manning
Kate O’Hara

Sophie Peck

Tyler Quarterman

Kaly Rendel

Kaili Tam

Alfred Tan

Alison Tan

Phoebe Ueda

Brandon Xu