Spring HOD Follow-Up

Thank you to all who attended the Spring House of Delegates Meeting Saturday, May 10. Initial numbers were given at meeting, but I have now verified the following:

  • 25 clubs attended with all 3 voting delegates (coach, non-coach, athlete and will receive the $100 club refund)
  • 6 clubs attended with 2 delegates*
  • 3 clubs attended with1 delegate*
  • 18 clubs did NOT attend* (*we missed you having all delegates attend, but appreciate the $100 remaining in the PNS account)
Reports can be found on our website Meet/Results > Results > May 10 date parameter.
2014-15 MEET CALENDAR approved and will be added to the website within the next few weeks.
Congratulations and thank you to those volunteering MORE hours to the LSC on the PNS Board of Director's
  • Suzanne Rychlik, General Chair
  • Dane Wolfrom, Finance Vice Chair
  • John Skroch, Age Group Vice Chair (second term)
  • Lyle Campbell, Program Development Vice Chair (second term)
  • Connie Sholdra, Secretary (second term)
  • Nick Chevalier, Coach Rep (second term)
  • Andrew Nguyen, At-Large
  • Doug Djang - At-Large
THANK YOU and glad you are still on the Board (just in another position)
  • Deborah Keane, Immediate Past General Chair
  • David Coddington, USA Swimming Board of Director Member
Congratulations to those elected to the PNS Board of Review
Regular BoR Member - Erin Dunn (re-elected) and Andy Pym
Alternate BoR Member - Ash Milad and Olivia Nielsen
HoD Nominating Committee - Cheri VanderWel, Ash Milad, Tanner Martinez, Dane Wolfrom
MANY THANKS AND BEST OF LUCK to outgoing athlete reps Anna Keane, Ben Scott, Heidi VanderWel, Haley Beranbaum.
New athlete reps will be presented for approval at the next PNS Board of Director Meeting, June 25 (location TBD).